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The Kabbalah bracelet is just

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The Kabbalah bracelet is just a red woolen string that Kabbalah believers use to symbolize the red string that was supposed to have been wrapped around Jewish matriarch Rachel’s tomb. There are some who say that the Kabbalah bracelet can prevent evil or the “evil eye” from harming the person wearing the red string.

But since Madonna started her studies of the ancient Jewish philosophy of Kabbalah, many celebrities have seen the kitsch value of wearing Kabbalah bracelets – maybe to show they are “in” and can follow any trend Madonna sees fit to start. Ironically, Madonna once made a song called “Material Girl” where she parodied Marilyn Monroe and where Madonna was seen in the music video wearing expensive jewelry. But that was back in her pre-Kabbalah days, when diamond bracelets probably meant more to her than the simple Kabbalah bracelets.

So does this bode good or evil for those who make diamond bracelets and sell them? Well, at this moment, the answer to that is up in the air. It may depend on how many people follow Madonna’s example and foreswear diamond bracelets in favor of the red string bracelets instead. It may also depend on how much people still want to wear diamond bracelets. It seems hard to believe that the practice of wearing diamond bracelets (which has been around for centuries) will suddenly be thrown out the window because of one pop star’s inclinations though.

There is an interesting aspect to this debate. The so-called “evil eye” is actually a reference to how our eyes look when we are feeling envious or jealous of another person – hence we have “evil eyes” when we have those feelings. That is why Kabbalah believers simply wear a red woolen string around their wrist to show those who are feeling envious and jealous of us that we are not wearing expensive jewelry so they should not feel envious or jealous of us. On the other hand, if you go around sporting diamond bracelets (especially those that look really, really nice) then it is almost certain at some point someone will start to feel envious or jealous of you – hence, you bring on the “evil eye” on yourself.

So if you are one of those who do not want other people to feel angry at you for being more affluent than them, you might want to choose to wear Kabbalah bracelets instead to appease their anger. But if the feelings of other people doesn’t really bother you that much, or not at all, then maybe diamond bracelets are acceptable for you to wear instead.

There is another ironic aspect to the issue – often, the very people who can afford diamond bracelets (like Hollywood celebrities) are the very ones opting to just wear the Kabbalah bracelets. That may mean retailers of diamond bracelets will have to market their wares to more common folk if they are to stay in the black, at least until the craze for Kabbalah bracelets dies down and people start craving diamond bracelets once again.

Pearls are one of the nature’s best gifts to mankind and woman feel proud to wear and show it off. From time immemorial pearl has been considered as the symbol of wealth and prosperity and pearl jewelry has been associated and considered only as part of the rich and famous.

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It’s amazing how a tiny grain

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

It’s amazing how a tiny grain of sand can become one of the most coveted jewels of our time, Pearls. One of the fastest growing trends in today’s fashion industry is coupling pearl jewelry with a simple design to create a sleek new look. Just a simple Akoya pearl strand can turn a casual sweater and jeans into a chic look desired by many.

One of the hottest styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls. The mixture of different lengths and sizes adds flair to both day and evening wear. Multi-strand pearls in various pastel colors can create a flirtatious and daring look for the spring/summer months.

The understated beauty of a perfectly matched strand of pure white Freshwater pearls is always in style. Professional woman are adding elegance to their business attire simply by slipping on their pearls. Even brides are trading in the sparkle of diamonds for a more classic look, usually a pearl strand handed down from the generation before.

Legends tell of pearls coming from heaven as a drop of water into the sea. Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of the pearl drop earring. Many of today’s rich and famous have been adhering to this trend. Actress, Anne Hathaway, graced the red carpet at the 2007 Oscars donning a pair of diamond and pearl dangles.

Because pearls are created by a living organism, they are considered to be the most feminine of all gems. Their warm glow, not common in other gems, is due to their unique beginnings. This makes pearls one of the most rare and coveted gemstones on the planet.

Online professional retailer,, is known for its high-quality, low-cost pearl jewelry. James Allen offers a wide selection of Akoya, Freshwater, and Tahitian pearls that is sure to satisfy any taste. Jennifer Norbury, GIA accredited jewelry professional and sales executive of James Allen didn’t own pearls until she had a chance to work with the collection. “After learning about pearls firsthand and having a chance to see their true beauty, it has turned me into a life-long fan of pearl jewelry.”

Those buttoned-up, corseted-tight, gloved-to-the-elbows lovely ladies of days gone by were certainly on their best behavior which is why they must have felt the need to express themselves through their eye-catching and elaborate jewelry designs of the time. Today that wild abandon for unusual and eyebrow-raising jewelry translates beautifully into today’s desire for more exotic and eccentric tastes. Modern day women want to express their own individual style through their fashion sensibilities and vintage inspirations are the perfect accessory vehicle. No longer is the standard silver or gold posts or hoop earrings enough, with the resurgence of these antique designs to the marketplace we find dragonflies reign supreme, lizards scale up lapels, bees buzz around lobes and sparrows take flight on decolletage.
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The designer amber jewelry

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The designer amber jewelry is made from the best quality amber and crafted into beautiful works that would make any woman feel beautiful. Every effort has been made to create designs and styles that would match your individual requirements and go with any outfit that you choose to wear. Whether it is a sari or the Western look that you would like to sport, the amber silver jewelry is just right for you.

Make every moment special with designer amber jewelry that brings out your real personality. It is just what you need to make a style statement.

Italian charms have become one of the hottest jewelry items on the market. As their demand continues to grow, so does the requirement for making bulk purchases by retailers. The Internet is the best place to find wholesalers of Italian charms. There are countless merchants and suppliers of Italian charms, most of them available online. One can sift through various web sites to find out more about the designs, material and prices of these items.

Most of the wholesalers offer heavy discounts for bulk purchasing. In some cases this discount can go up to 60 percent. If a wholesaler is selling only one particular design of Italian charm, you can always press for more discounts. In many cases the wholesalers are also the manufacturers. In such cases one can get a better deal, as the manufacturer would be ready to forego a commission as a wholesaler to develop a long-term business relationship.

Before purchasing Italian charms wholesale, it is important to check out the terms and conditions mentioned in the purchase agreement, in regards to faulty items. Some wholesalers take them back, while others don’t. Most of those who take them back stipulate a time limit for returning the faulty items.

If you are a retailer, you should explore the possibility of getting some “”credit”” from your wholesale supplier. If you are a consumer, planning to go for bulk purchase for a group of friends and relatives, it is better to buy them from a local store. If you are making purchases online, it is always safer to deal with an online store which has been in business for a few years.

At times, one can get a good deal on an auction web site, also. However, one should be doubly careful while making such purchases online, as the payments have to be made in advance and there are a number of fly-by-night operators that could vanish after accepting the payments without making any deliveries.

Diamonds are usually found in central and southern Africa. Although diamonds have also been found in large quantities in Canada, Russia, and Australia. Diamonds are mined from volcanic shafts deep in the recesses of the earth. They are made when carbon-containing materials are exposed for a long period to high pressure and temperature.

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Infinity, the figure 8 is one of Feng Shui’s symbol

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Infinity, the figure 8 is one of Feng Shui’s symbol of boundless happiness. The figure is incorporated into stunning amulets that attract positive energy to bring balance to life. Feng Shui jewelry is all about empowering, protecting, balancing, and exquisiteness. The jewelry uses the finest quality stones, crystals, and pearls to enhance the Chi’s effects as well as your life, like for example the Marriage Charm Bracelet doubles the happiness of married life.

Mystical knot in Feng Shui jewelry symbolizes endless love. It represents long free life, far away from separation and heartbreak. It also denotes endless togetherness and undying love. This lucky love symbol is most suitable for ensuring lasting romance in married life.

Medicine Buddha Pendants symbolize the healing and perfecting health qualities of Buddhahood. These pendants are blessed with traditional Buddhist rituals and come in silk pouches along with few grains of rice from the blessing ritual. These pendants invoke the therapeutic power of the Medicine Buddha.

Yellow Jambhala, which is also called Wealth Buddha is a neckpiece made of Sterling Silver and Red Coral and it relieves the wearer form poverty and blesses with abundance. These pendants are blessed within traditional Buddhist rituals at the Yong He Gong Buddhist Lama Temple, China. The Yellow Jambhala is seated on a lotus flower, in his right hand, he holds a lemon, and in the left, a moneybag containing coins.

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is a pendant that’s made of Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz and Kuan Yin manifests in any conceivable form to assist any being who seeks her blessings. Kuan yin is also sought after by childless women. Blessed Prayer Malas are blessed by Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Temple of Universal Salvation, China. Buddhist females wear these malas on the right wrist and males wear it on the left wrist.

White Jade 108 Bead Mala is generally used to assist in counting prayer repetition and it is worn for protection. White Jade stone symbolizes the essence of Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion. Smokey Quartz 108 Bead Mala symbolizes the qualities of grounding and energy and thus it improves intuition with regards to challenges and responsibility. This Jade Male is also called the calming stone mala.

Jewelry is undoubtedly a woman’s best accessory. Whether a pendant, ring, bangle or a necklace, a piece of jewelry can accentuate a woman’s beauty manifold. With an array of precious gemstones and jewelry designs available, what to choose for the perfect look can be rather confusing at times. The range of amber silver jewelry at Feel Good Jewelry aims at providing a solution to this very problem of yours. It is jewelry designed for today’s woman – the woman of substance.

One look at the superior quality designer amber jewelry would give you all your answers. Just a glance and you know that this is just the one for you. The site offers a range of exquisite designs and styles that are created with just you in mind.

As a woman you work to provide others with all that they need and keep everyone else around you happy. Juggling between the various roles of a daughter, wife, mother and friend definitely is a tough task at hand. You definitely need to pamper yourself once a while. Caring for yourself and dressing up in style can make you feel good and confident too. The amber silver jewelry, creation at its best, is one that would make you feel truly special.

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Glass in one of the best materials

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Glass in one of the best materials for body jewelry since it is hypo allergenic in nature, making it very safe for body piercing. With body jewelry much in vogue, you can find a wide assortment of unique and exquisite jewelry which can also be purchased online. The idea of body jewelry has caught on fiercely to such an extent, that nowadays we even find fashion designers specializing in this field. More and more people have started wearing body jewelry. According to them this is a very ‘ in thing’ and they can easily express their personality traits with the help of various designs.

Designer Inspired Jewelry is the cost efficient solution to keeping up with the latest trends while effectively managing your budget. Since fashion trends are constantly changing it becomes expensive to update your collection with high priced designer jewelry.

You can have a designer image for a lot less money if you wear quality designer inspired jewelry instead, AND it will look just as impressive. Even a trained eye will find it difficult to tell the difference. Why pay retail designer prices when affordable inspired jewelry will make the same impression?

The impressive combinations found in designer inspired jewelry are incredible to look at. It is even more amazing how these designers are able to replicate the pieces to the finest detail, providing beautiful creations that are durable and practical. They attract attention and yet the price is much more affordable than the real thing.

There are designer inspired jewelry for women, men, & even babies. They are inspired by famous designers such as Cartier, Gucci, Chanel, Chopard, Roberto Coin, Mikimoto, Bulgari/ Bvlgari, Hermes, Stephen Lagos, Fred Leighton, Judith Ripka, Harry Winston, Heidi Klum, Tiffany, David Yurman, Michelle Round Deco, Van Clef & Arpel, Gloria Vanderbilt, Kieselstein, Juicy Couture, Vera Wang, Majorica and other famous designers.

Designer inspired jewelry includes necklaces, pendants, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, watches, cufflinks, chains, pins, brooches, baby gifts, baby charms, chandelier earrings, and jewelry accessories. You can even copy the fashion trends of your favorite hollywood stars with celebrity inspired jewelry.

These inspired pieces are made from the highest quality materials available, such as diamonds, sterling silver, yellow & white gold, cubic zirconium (CZ’s), gemstones, jewels, pearls, stainless steal & turquoise. They might not use the exact same material as the original but they sure look as if they do.

It can truly and honestly be said that there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing designer inspired jewelry. You don’t have to worry too much about your budget because, thanks to the Internet, there is something available for every budget imaginable. Even the wealthiest people on the planet wear them because it is a great way to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends.

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The creation of jewelry

Friday, July 11th, 2008

The creation of jewelry and its distribution is a business that incurs costs like any other business. These costs are offset by the profit made selling the product. The jewelry manufacturer sells at a price to cover the costs of business overhead, such as machinery, staff, sales, and marketing, as well as turn a profit. This process occurs again down the supply chain when the importer, distributor, or retailer must sell the item at a price where these costs can be recouped and a profit made. The importer will have to factor in shipping and customs duty costs involved with getting the jewelry into the country, while a distributor may have to add costs for warehousing and storing the pieces. The final retailer will often have costs of running a brick and mortar location and advertising to customers.

Marketing and Branding Costs

A final cost worth separating from standard overhead costs involves the branding and marketing of certain collections. A sterling silver piece from Tiffany’s will cost more than one from Walmart. Such costs are the result of the time and money the brand holders have put into their brand.

Bvlgari, the Italian jeweler of impeccable reputation, was flattered not once but three times this month at the Oscars by the premier leading ladies in the business. The wholesale replica jewelry business saw a timely jump as well thanks to the choices of Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly and Nicole Kidman all to wear Bvlgari to the affair.
Thousands of Americans went online starting the morning after the awards show seeking out the wholesale replica jewelry and replica Bvlgari jewelry sites to get their hands on a more affordable version of the items worn by Diaz, Knightly, and Kidman. Even wholesale Tiffany Jewelry saw a surge in sales.

Wholesale replica jewelry is a largely online business that tends to see incredible surges in popularity after star sightings like this. One particular site, my silver city that specializes in wholesale Tiffany jewelry, but also carries replica Bvlgari Jewelry, reported unprecedented sales this month.

Cameron Diaz showed up at the event wearing platinum Bvlgari earrings with 2 gorgeous cut diamonds, pink diamonds and 24 Pear Shaped Diamonds, an 18kt white gold Bvlgari ring with 1 round brilliant cut diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds and diamond pave, and an 18kt yellow gold and smoke diamond ring.

Keira Knightly wore a spectacular, vintage Bvlgari necklace to the Oscars with a Vera Wang dress. Nicole Kidman, a spokesperson for the Italian luxury brand also came fully adorned in Bvlgari jewelry, and none of it was replica for her, you can be sure about that.
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This look does not need

Friday, July 11th, 2008

This look does not need to be as expensive as buying pure gold jewelry in Austin. Silver is a much cheaper alternative. However, the look of silver is not the same. Gold plated silver jewelry is an alternative where you get the best of both worlds. The sterling silver core of the item is less expensive to make and purchase while the gold coating allows you to enjoy the look.

Gold plated jewelry is available in Austin in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other items that are available. No matter which items you are looking for to enhance your wardrobe, you will be able to find it in gold plated alternatives. The lower costs of this type of jewelry is one of its biggest advantages.

In various cultures, wearing body jewelry was not considered good. The rich families allowed it because it was considered a symbol of wealth and strength. During different eras, different designs and metals have been experimented with to suit varying tastes, budgets and fashions trends. Even Cleopatra was known to have used a variety of assorted pieces of jewel to enhance her looks.

Gradually, with time and rapid urbanization, even fashion fads have evolved to greater heights and made innovative developments. Youngsters are known to practice body piercing on the tongue, eyebrows and belly in order to keep up with the trend. They use it to stand out of the crowd and look unique.

Body jewelry is available in gold, silver, acrylic, surgical steel, sterling silver, titanium, diamond, glass and Pyrex to name a few. The concept of body jewelry and body piercing has gained all the more popularity due to the wide spread use by celebrities including the likes of Britney spears. Many celebrities can be seen sporting a diamond or gold body jewelry piece at parties. They wear it in order to look different and stay fashionable.

Acrylic is more popular since it is not only affordable but also light weight, totally safe for body piercing, and UV reactive. Being UV reactive in nature makes it all the more appealing to the younger generation since it glows in the dark. Due to this it is a favorite amongst all those who usually hang out art clubs and discs. Undoubtedly, surgical steel is not only a safer bet, but also very economical and versatile at the same time.

Titanium body jewelry has proven to be the best for those who are prone to allergic reactions with metals. Diamonds obviously make a style statement for the rich and the famous and are popular with everyone. Gold body jewelry is world famous since it available in different, unique designs but also is very safe and maintenance free. However while buying gold jewelry, ensure that you do not make any purchase which is less than 14K. Although, gold jewelry comes in 9K in UK, 8K in Mexico and 10K in other places, the best form pf pure gold comes in 24K.

Though this interesting website about pearl jewelry, you can find the highest quality custom freshwater pearl beads, freshwater pearl strands, freshwater pearl neckalce, freshwater pearl bracelet, freshwater pearl ring, freshwater pearl earrings, freshwater pearl pendant, sterling silver jewelry, single strand necklaces online. Their designers and creators have been in the jewelry business are very special, and they always stayed in touch with the latest jewelry fashion trends the entire time

Turquoise is also the birthstone

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Turquoise is also the birthstone for anyone born in the month of October. It makes for a perfect birthday gift, but doesn’t need to be limited to only October. Women everywhere love this pale blue gem. It can make for a good wedding or anniversary gift as well.

So, if you are looking for a jewel that is not only beautiful, but one that has been around for centuries, then you need the warmth and beauty of turquoise jewelry.
Another name for Black Pearl is the Tahitian Pearl. The story behind the name is the way how the pearl is produced. It is made from the large, black lipped pearl oyster that is called the Tahitian black pear oyster. This mollusk is located in the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti is popular for its crystalline and tranquil waters coaxing tourists to visit their shores for a well-deserved break. The beautiful islands surrounding the grounds add up to the rarity of the black pearl produced by the black-lipped oyster.

Historically, the first pearl farms that started searching for Tahitian pearls are located in Hikueru in the 1960s. Hikueru is the island in Bora Bora. Successful harvests then led to the exports of Tahitian Black Pearls from 1965 until 1972. Hikieru was notorious for their production of these precious materials.

The poet Sadi wrote in an interesting fable that a drop of water fell from a cloud into the sea one day. It felt confused and at the same time ashamed because it was set side by side with an immense body of water. It believed that its existence is nothing compared to the boundless abyss. Then to its surprise, it blossomed in the bosom of the pearl-shell and became a magnificent black pearl. Later on, it donned the crown of a king.

That’s why Oriental people consider the Tahitian pearl so precious because of the legend connected to it. The story mentioned above shows a lesson that by being humble one can gain exaltation.

But in reality, Tahitian pearls can be cultivated. When a pearl is said to be cultivated, human beings assisted in creating such an organic gem. True that each pearl begins as a piece from the mollusk or oyster but once the nacre kicks in and forms layers after layer, then the pearl is produced later on.

Black Tahitian pearl earrings are magnificent creation and has become to be the most popular pearl in the world. These earrings are luminous and are celebrated for their rich, deep colors. Amazingly, they have a perfect spherical shape.

Pearl experts know that obtaining a spherically perfect pearl is a rarity for pearl farmers. The closest to it being a perfect circle, the more valuable the pearl. As for black Tahitian pearl earrings, a majority of them have perfect spherical shapes. That is exactly the reason why these make the wearer stand out when in a crowd. Black Tahitian pearl earrings are simply exquisite.
The Jewelry Teenagers Choose and Wear

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Pearls are probably

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Pearls are probably the only gemstone which does not require cutting and each one is totally unique. Although it is classified as a gemstone it is of course biologically produced by a mussel. These mussels can be found in fresh and saltwater.

Akoya pearls are found in saltwaters and is the most popular pearl for jewelry. Japaneses pearl farms specialize in Akoya pearls and in the 1920’s they began farming them because the light colored pearls complimented their completion. Generally these pearls are combined with 18K gold fitting because of the high quality and price attached to akoya pearls. The Japanese now face serious competition from the Chinese who started production in the 1990s.

To cultivate a saltwater pearl, a mother of pearl nucleus is implanted into the mussel along with an irritant. With akoya pearls, a maximum of 4 nucleuses can be placed at one time. When the akoya pearl in untreated it is cream or yellow coloured. Different shapes can occur including, drop, oval and round.

When you purchase an item of pearl jewelry you need to be aware that unlike other gemstones, these will not last forever. A saltwater pearl will last for 150 years and then go dull. Luckily it shouldn’t die within your lifetime, just as long as you look after it. When you put perfume on make sure you do this before wearing your pearls. Also, every now and again, wash them with warm soapy water and dry with a soft tissue. When storing you pearl jewelry, use a soft tissue to wrap it, or even better put it in it’s own box.

As a pearl jewlry wearer you are in good company as fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton have all worn pearl jewelry. Pearls are the height of sophistication and there are few jewelry pieces which surpass its elegance.
Gemstones have been used as adornments in jewelry and other items since for centuries. In early times, only royalty could afford gems but today nearly everyone can have a bauble with a gemstone or two in it. Here’s some information on seven gemstones favored by jewelry makers.


Amethyst is a type of quartz that comes in shades of purple. It is a highly accessible stone and used in all types of jewelry. This gemstone can vary greatly in quality and color and is the birthstone for the month of February. There are 14 different locations where Amethysts are abundantly found today.

This light blue gemstone is the birthstone of March and is a favorite of jewelry designers today. It can range in shade from almost white to sky blue and can be rather expensive. This stone belongs to the beryl family of gemstones and is abundant in Brazil.
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If you’re going to be out

Monday, July 7th, 2008

If you’re going to be out and about on this New Year’s Eve, you are going to need a wristwatch. Afterall, you will want to know precisely when the clock turns to midnight so that you can bring in the New Year with a kiss from your special someone. If you don’t already own one, it may be time to consider a cubic zirconia watch. These are not as common as other jewelry pieces, but they can either be found or designed with a little creativity. If you can’t locate the perfect watch, you can create your own using a stunning bracelet. All you will need is a preferred watch face and the bracelet that you want to use as your watchband, both of which can be taken to a local jeweler and crafted into the perfect timepiece.

Does your New Year’s Eve plans include dancing? If so, you can dazzle on the dance floor with the help of a beautiful cubic zirconia bracelet. One of the most popular choices is that of the classic tennis bracelet, but any design style that fits your personal taste will be perfect. As you move, the light will reflect off of your wrist and you will truly feel like the belle of the ball.

When it comes to choosing your jewelry accessories for New Year’s Eve, your hair may play a more important role than you think. Why? Because your choice in earrings will be largely dependent upon your hairstyle. An upswept style will be perfectly complimented by a chandelier earring, which is extremely popular for the 2007 fall & winter months. If you have longer hair and plan to wear it down, consider a classic stud earring that will not get in your way or interrupt the flow of your perfect look.

Are you married? If you are, consider leaving your genuine diamond wedding set at home and wearing these wedding rings instead. When you are at a party, the last thing you will want to think about is losing your genuine diamonds. Because they are both treasured and expensive, they would create certain heartbreak if lost or stolen. For this reason, you may be able to enjoy the celebration even more without the worry of your precious gemstones. If you were to lose your jewelry, it would surely be a sad event. However, it’s likely to be more feasible to replace a diamond stimulant than the real thing, which is why many people also travel with cubic zirconia jewelry.

Last but not least, no New Year’s Eve celebration would be complete without the perfect handbag. If you currently own a simple purse that could use a little sprucing, don’t worry. All that’s needed, in many cases, is a single cubic zirconia pin placed in either the top left or right corner or even directly in the center of the bag. You will instantly change the look of your handbag, and you will have a glamorous pin to wear on your sweater or lapel after the evening is over.
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