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Not all corals qualify as jewels

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Not all corals qualify as jewels. Actually, in jewelry only the “Corallium rubrum” and “Corallium japonicum” are used. Once upon a time corals were extracted from underwater reefs with dragnets, but environmental worries have pressed for less-damaging means of collection –- for instance, divers collect corals, rather than dragnets.

After being extracted from the sea, corals are processed until they become suitable for rings, necklaces and other jewelry. Part of the processing is polishing, when corals obtain their marvelous gloss. Another requirement for quality coral jewelry is that the coloring is even and the surface is not scratched or pocked with cavities.

Since corals are a relatively soft gemstone, coral jewelry needs special care in order to preserve its beauty. Although they originally come from the sunny tropics, coral jewels cannot withstand heat and direct sunlight. Be very careful when washing them with water or spraying perfume on them, because there is a risk of damage to their gloss. If you decide to wipe them, use soft cloth because otherwise you might scratch them. If you want corals to remain beautiful, you need to take care of them.

For ages, corals have been used as talismans against bad luck and evil spirits. This might not be pure superstition, because even modern science recommends using corals in therapy, for soothing fears and tensions.

A diamond is not cheap.

That is the first thing that you should stick in your head before you start off your search. Knowing this will save you from the frustrations of looking for something that you cannot actually find. The sooner you accept that there are really no cheap diamond rings, the less heartache and frustrations you will go through.

The first thing that you should know in finding a cheap diamond ring is the current price of the diamond ring in the market. Without knowing this, how can you compare prices. How do you know which one is cheap and which one is not? You can determine the current prices by asking clerks in stores and shops that sell jewelry. You should also look into thrift shops as well as pawnshops so that you will have a general idea on how much it is.

When you ask for prices, make sure that you also take note of the carat, the clarity and the color. Remember that not one diamond is the same. Their value is not fixed. It depends on these properties. Clarity refers to the imperfections that reside within the stone, the brilliance of its shine as well as the clearness of the gem.

The Color on the other hand, as the name suggests refer to the color of the diamond. There are diamonds that are very clear while others have a yellow shade. The clearer the color, the more expensive the diamond ring is. The carat is the most known property as it refers to the size and weight of the diamond. When you shop for diamond rings, take into account these things when you compare prices. Some diamond rings may be ultra cheap but the clarity and color may be below average.

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Almost Diamonds, a popular

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Almost Diamonds, a popular online retailer specializing in sterling silver jewelry, has a complete line of items featuring cubic zirconia and genuine gemstones in a variety of styles to choose from. If you are looking to maximize your jewelry collection without minimizing your wallet, consider the affordable option of sterling silver. Not only is this a precious metal that’s designed to last forever, but it also is an economical way to get the look of platinum or white gold without spending a fortune.

If you can’t afford a Neil Lane or Harry Winston Engagement ring, do not despair…you are with the majority:

Whoo whoo…Neil Lane engagement rings are high couture. With an impending partnership with luxury jeweler DeBeers, a jewelry collection displayed at Saks Fifth Avenue, NY, and a famous store in Beverly Hills, Neil Lane is unstoppable.

Neil Lane’s roots in jewelry design began in Paris in the 70s. He spent two years in Paris studying painting at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts. In his spare time, Lane hunted for vintage jewelry in Parisian flea markets, thus, igniting his passion for precious gems. When he returned to the US, it didn’t take long before his unique pieces were being shown off by stars such as Barbara Streisand, Renee Zellweger, Brook Shields (interlocking diamond-and-platinum rings), Reese Witherspoon (four carat Ascher ring), and Madonna (an Edwardian style five carat ring). In fact Madonna called him “one of the most innovative jewelry designers in the world.”

Not only does he design for others but he also owns a large collection of famous pieces from stars such as Ginger Rogers, May West, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo, and Marilyn Monroe.

Interestingly enough, Neil’s long-standing location in Beverly Hills is kind of a dive. He sells millions of dollars of glamorous jewels to celebs from a no frills setting. According to Neil Lane, this is purposeful, in that he prefers to connect with his clients versus being overshadowed by a ritzy locale.

As you might imagine, Neil Lane jewelry does not come cheap. At his Saks Fifth Avenue Location, prices range from $8,500 for a set of platinum and five-carat diamond hoops to $200,000 for a 25-carat diamond ring.

Nothing spells out class quite like Harry Winston Engagement Rings. I’ve never stepped foot inside a Harry Winston Store but truth be told, I might be a little intimidated.

Winston may be most famous for once owning the Hope diamond which he donated to the Smithsonian Museum in DC. I’ve seen the diamond firsthand and it is awe-inspiring!

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White gold is routinely

Monday, July 7th, 2008

White gold is routinely alloyed down with nickel. Nickel causes allergic reactions in a lot of people.
It’s probably showing up now, because your ring was plated in rhodium (the whitest member of the platinum family) when you bought it. This is normal, as white gold always has a little warmth to it, so it is almost always plated in rhodium.

The rhodium has worn off. The white gold, alloyed with nickel is in direct contact with your skin. You are reacting to the nickel. One easy solution is to bring the ring in to the jeweler where you purchased it and have it replated with rhodium. Or, you could trade the ring in for a white gold ring that does NOT contain nickel, a palladium ring or a platinum ring.
The metal rhodium is essentially inert to the skin, hypoallergenic, no reaction. What the reaction could be is a basic metals reaction and that SHOULD NOT be happening if the rings have a real rhodium plate.

My suggestion? Contact QVC and tell them of the problem. They should either give your money back or replace the item with one with a real rhodium plate!
Green is a reaction generally to base metals, such as copper, etc., which are either preplate(done beneath the rhodium on metals like silver) or part of the the meatal alloy the ring is made of.

Either the plate is not rhodium or is a poor job at plating. QVC owes you an answer on this one and your may use my answer when you contact them if you want.
Without seeing the ring and actually examining it, I can say little about the ring itself.

“Temporary Fix. Recommended for you to Try:
Rhodium is a hard and durable white metal. Most white gold is given a quick plated layer of rhodium when brand new or when repaired.

This thin layer of rhodium gives the metal a whiter look. Rhodium is also a metal that does not react with the skin. A local jeweler should easily be able to refinish, buff up nicely and rhodium plate your ring. The look is good. The advantage to you is the rhodium provided a safety layer between the nickel in the ring and your sensitive skin! The rhodium works very well when the plating is done correctly. You can expect the rhodium to wear off in time but you should get 6mos to a year of wear before the ring should be plated with rhodium again. We often do this service for ladies who love white gold earrings but have problems. With yellow gold problems, we plate the parts touching the skin and it works until the rhodium eventually wears away.”

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Pearl jewelry is one of the most

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Pearl jewelry is one of the most profit-bearing wholesale jewelry of today. Pearls can do wonders. Pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces and finger rings can beautify every persona with their pristine glow. Colored gemstones and semi precious like emeralds, rubies, sapphires create a new dimension when paired with gold and diamond.

Kundans are gorgeous stone jewelries of multiple colors. There are dangling earrings cascading right down to the shoulder, hand ornaments in the form of bracelets and bangles, neck kundans for the neck and special head ornaments like “sarmatha”, “mangtikka” etc. To embellish the foot there are the stone stud “payals”.

Other types of wholesale jewelries include dhokra tribal jewelry, terracotta jewelry, wooden jewelry and more. Women of all ages right from the teenagers to the housewives are wearing them to enhance their style. Terracotta and coconut wood earrings, bracelets and neckpieces in various shapes and shades look spectacular in casual wear. The Dhokra tribal jewelries comprising of exotic hairpins, dangling earrings and necklaces lend a rustic appeal when sported.

Have you ever had the feeling like you might have just spent more cash than you planned on purchasing jewelry from a jewelry store? If you have felt that way you should remember this bit of info about the worst error shoppers have to deal with when exchanging money for jewelry from a jewelry store. In this article, we will go into detail about ‘The Worst Mistake’, how I stay away from it, and the location to go the later time you think about spending your money on jewelry.

Wondering the best way to don’t have to deal with overhead expenses? Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Something you DO have the ability to do though, is keep a closer look out on the amount of overhead you hand over for the jewelry. What store do you estimate has more bills? The classy looking jewelry store with the classy looking jewelry salesperson ready to close you, or the plain warehouse that keeps the exact same jewelry, without any exquisite rugs no shimmering display cases, and no high-class jewelry salesman? Overhead is the biggest part of the reason, for example, why organic foods are priced so much higher than normal Kroger food. Ask yourself ‘which food store is known to be set up much nicer than it’s counterpart? Starting to see the amount of your cash is used to a jewelry store’s lights on?

Contemplating where to buy jewelry and stay away from the increasing amounts of jewelry store overhead yet? You’re about to find out. Online wholesale jewelry stores possess a wonderful rep of housing high quality jewelry at a mere fraction of the jewelry store markup By far, the online wholesale jewelry store with the best reputation is a wholesaler who auctions the jewelry.

Once you found your favourite things would you excite? I would. So when I see some tin cup pearl necklace. I am very excited, especially pearl jewelry wholesale. There will be a lot of sterling silver jewelry, cultured pearl pendant, cultured pearl earings, cultured pearl ring, cultured pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, cultured pearl strands, cultured pearl beads … on showing. You can get whatever you like in wholesale pearl jewelry store.

Pearl jewelry is one of the most

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Pearl jewelry is one of the most profit-bearing wholesale jewelry of today. Pearls can do wonders. Pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces and finger rings can beautify every persona with their pristine glow. Colored gemstones and semi precious like emeralds, rubies, sapphires create a new dimension when paired with gold and diamond.

Kundans are gorgeous stone jewelries of multiple colors. There are dangling earrings cascading right down to the shoulder, hand ornaments in the form of bracelets and bangles, neck kundans for the neck and special head ornaments like “sarmatha”, “mangtikka” etc. To embellish the foot there are the stone stud “payals”.

Other types of wholesale jewelries include dhokra tribal jewelry, terracotta jewelry, wooden jewelry and more. Women of all ages right from the teenagers to the housewives are wearing them to enhance their style. Terracotta and coconut wood earrings, bracelets and neckpieces in various shapes and shades look spectacular in casual wear. The Dhokra tribal jewelries comprising of exotic hairpins, dangling earrings and necklaces lend a rustic appeal when sported.

Ever wonder what made pearl jewelry so special? What the difference was between real and fake pearls? Why does it cost a lot for real pearl jewelry? I will try to give you a brief explanation in the following paragraphs.

First off pearls come from oysters commonly found in the ocean. The oyster lays layers of different chemical compounds to form the precious stone. The compound is calcium carbonate and conchiolin which combined together makes mother-of-pearl.

Most pearls are white but can be tinted with a vast array of colors to give them a unique and colorful look. Some of the more common colors are blue, yellow, brown, green and purple along with a few others. The rarest of colors is black. Black pearls are much harder to come by due to manufacturing processes. The process that black pearls are subject too has a small percentage rate that actually make it through the process, due to rejecting the nucleus.

What happened to me meets the criteria for murder in that his intent was certainly malicious – Malice is defined as “feeling a need to see others suffer.” He had to plan in advance which covers – aforethought or he wouldn’t have had the drug with him to slip into someone’s drink and pearl pendant designs. And I think it should go without saying that he lacked justification. Gone are the days of thinking “she asked for it.” But just in case you’re wondering – not that I need to explain since what I was wearing should have jewelry enhancers to do with what happened to me – I was not dressed to impress and I certainly wasn’t looking for a date. And neither has ANY MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD who has lived through this horrific, humiliating, violent crime. So as you can see he certainly lacked justification as jewelry clasp wholesale.

Sterling silver

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Sterling silver, when combined with Mother of Pearl, gives a unique touch, which is inherently priceless and is in great demand across the world. Mother of Pearl is basically a lining of a shell that is usually of the same color, composition and similar in quality as that of the other pearls that are produced. The combination of Mother of Pearl with Sterling silver is often used because it gives jewelry a complicated yet royal look.

Mother of Pearl gets its name from the age-old symbolism that is attached with it. It is considered to represent fertility, rebirth and also a motherly touch. The brilliant luster and the unmatched iridescence of this marvel of nature when combined with Sterling silver are suited for all skin types. It not just suits but also enhances the beauty within. The magic of this combination is that Sterling silver cannot be used for making other items and the same goes for Mother of Pearl, but when they are combined together, they turn out to be exquisite. Nowadays, innovation and creativity rule the world and in this case as well, the Sterling silver jewelry with studded Mother of Pearl comes in various forms and themes. Some companies dealing with this type of jewelry offer special custom made deals, wherein you can give your design or ornamental patterns.

In recent years, Sterling silver jewelry with Mother of Pearl has gained a lot of recognition and is usually associated with wealth and richness. Hence it is mainly a women’s product that enhances her beauty beyond limit. So if you are in a mood to gift your loved one, a jewelry set and you have your eyes set on Sterling silver jewelry with Mother of Pearl in it, don’t think twice.

Pearl jewelry is a very classy yet classic look for any woman. As a kid I remember growing up watching Marge Simpson wearing her pearl necklace in every episode of The Simpson’s. Any piece of pearl jewelry instantly makes an outfit and a woman appear classy. Pearls have a very regal air to them, like only the richest people in the world can afford to own them. However these days, pearls have become so affordable that almost anyone can afford them. A pearl is a very magical piece of jewelry in that it is a natural occurrence, which is painstakingly created by an oyster. Many ancient civilizations believed that the pearl’s magic did not stop in its creation. The Chinese believed that pearls would fall out of the air when dragons would fight in the clouds. The ancient Romans believed that a gift of pearls would place you in the goddess Isis’s good graces.

Rape doesn’t just affect the victim of coral and pearls jewelry it affects their family and friends and makes intimacy an issue. Not just sexual intimacy either – a simple hug from an old friend or concerned relative can cause discomfort for a survivor. My sleep is affected by frequent nightmares or sleepless nights and my breathing is often rapid and panicked. My appetite swings between non-existent to insatiable and my whole system is out of balance. I walk around in a constant state of fear and no longer leave my house alone. I went from a successful, confident woman to a frightened and extremely cautious pearl jewlery of who I used to be. I was disgusted with myself, felt like damaged goods unworthy and alone. I was unable to trust myself or my decisions. Everyone around me became a source of stress, confusion, annoyance or fear. The man who attacked me took away my belief for awhile that this is a good world of wholesale coral jewelry filled with good people. And everyone was a potential threat it my mind.

Another way to find cheap diamond rings

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

This is the only non-mineral birthstone on the list. Pearls are hard, circular objects produced by mollusks. The largest pearl found came from the Philippines in the year 1934 which was originally tagged as the Pearl of Allah but is now officially known as Pearl of Lao-Tzu.

Another way to find cheap diamond rings is by looking out for big sales in jewelry shops. Often, they will conduct big sales before the Christmas season to get rid of their old stocks. Of course, the discount that you will get here is not as big as one that you will get in thrift shops.

Platinum is a rare, extremely long wearing, natural white luster metal. However, it can be used in its purest form when used in jewelry. Platinum does not require being rhodium plated like white gold. One advantage of platinum rings is that they can be cut-off the finger in the event of an emergency.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that helps create balance and usher in prosperity and harmony. Feng Shui art dates back to over 7000 years. It is based on the study of energy (Chi) and how its circulation affects people. This circulation when blocked or distorted by our environment creates negative energy.

There are various products available in the market that unblocks Chi to bring in fortune and harmony. Feng Shui balances, harmonizes, creates peace, and balances the environment believers recommend that through Feng Shui one can live a life blessed with prosperity and happiness. Feng Shui harnesses the surroundings and unseen energy and helps navigate a person through problems.

Infinity, the figure 8 is one of Feng Shui’s symbol of boundless happiness. The figure is incorporated into stunning amulets that attract positive energy to bring balance to life. Feng Shui jewelry is all about empowering, protecting, balancing, and exquisiteness. The jewelry uses the finest quality stones, crystals, and pearls to enhance the Chi’s effects as well as your life, like for example the Marriage Charm Bracelet doubles the happiness of married life.

I want you to know that for every person who goes to the tahitian pearls wholesale and/or the police, there are countless others who do not. It is a shame of wholesale love pearl but some survivors don’t feel they can come forward without having to endure an attack on their character, an incorrect assumption that most people who cry rape are lying, and questioning or scrutiny by people over the actions of the victim as if some how it could be their fault. People who have been raped don’t need you judging their actions of semi-precious stone jewerly, believe me they’ve done it themselves and they will for the rest of their life. If you’re a survivor of rape I’m going to repeat again that it is – not your fault. I know no matter how many times you hear it or say it to yourself it’s not an easy thing to believe.

there are matching rings in gold

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


Of course, in these modern times, it is not uncommon to find a woman returning the favor to his man. They could buy a bracelet together and have their names engraved on it. Each of them can have identical bracelets. They can also buy matching rings. For instance, there are matching rings in gold, silver or platinum that forms a single heart when pieced together.

Men and women have a wide range of choices when it comes to jewelry that they can give to their beloved. The final choice should always depend on the preferences and taste of the intended recipient. If you have very limited means, then you should not despair. The jewelry you give to your loved one need not be astronomically expensive. However, it should still be something valuable, something which you have obviously saved and scrimped for and something that you have obviously given a lot of thought and effort to procure. The thought will always be better appreciated if the jewelry comes with it.

Pearls are some of the most wonderful creations of nature. A single pearl has too much history in it. There are many oysters in the sea but only a number of them will be able to produce pearls.

An oyster can be entered by foreign elements like dirt or sand. Once it settled inside the shells, the oyster will then cover it with coating or nacre. This continues as time passes by until a pearl is fully formed.

Steel jewelry does not tarnish. There’s also no need to worry about your jewelry discoloring your skin unlike the usual jewelry made of composite alloys. As mentioned earlier, steel jewelry can last longer than any other jewelry and is very durable. In cases of damages and major scratches, steel jewelry can be easily repaired by simply polishing these damages without further damaging the rest of the piece. Since stainless steel is essentially different in composition than other materials usually used in jewelry, it is amazingly hypoallergenic, thus, attracts more and more people especially those sensitive to other jewelry materials to make use of this type of jewelry. Moreover, men are definitely becoming more and more interested in using steel jewelry with its sense of masculinity.
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With all these qualities

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


With all these qualities and so much more, stainless steel jewelry seems to be the next generation jewelry. Gone are the days that stainless steel jewelry was only used for the purpose of body piercing. With the advancement of stainless steel jewelry, it is now even more capable of reaching new heights in design, in additional components, in its appeal to consumers, and in its availability to all. Who knows, with its growing popularity with the consumers, stainless steel jewelry will be the widely known and recognized jewelry to all.

Children’s jewelry is a special category of jewels. A wide variety of jewels are available for kids of all age groups from infants to teenagers.

Jewelry for infants has always been popular. In some cultures, charms are used to protect babies from evil spirits. These are crafted in a particular way featuring guard animals such as the dog. Baby rings and bracelets make an ideal gift for a newborn. Baby jewelry is light and has delicate workmanship. It has smooth and rounded edges so that it does not harm tender baby skin. Baby jewelry is preserved as an heirloom in most families.

Girls love jewelry and are very choosy about it. Earrings are the most common jewelry that girls wear daily. Simple chains with dainty pendants are much sought after by girls. Bracelets and bangles are selected to match their attire. Girls prefer jewelry that’s crafted elegantly and is light to wear. Pearls are a favorite among girls.
Black Tahitian pearl earrings are magnificent creation and has become to be the most popular pearl in the world. These earrings are luminous and are celebrated for their rich, deep colors. Amazingly, they have a perfect spherical shape.

This light blue gemstone is the birthstone of March and is a favorite of jewelry designers today. It can range in shade from almost white to sky blue and can be rather expensive. This stone belongs to the beryl family of gemstones and is abundant in Brazil.

I am a rape survivor. Not something I ever thought pearl wholesale china. I’d be “when I grow up.” But here I am a survivor a statistic. And I’m not alone – though you might not know it whole sale sterling silver one in six American women are victims of sexual assault and one in thirty three men. An even more alarming statistic handmade gem wrapped jewelry is that only 16 of every 100 victims will ever report the crime to police and only 1 in 100 rapists serve a prison term of more than one year of pearls cheap.

Most of the latest varieties

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Most of the latest varieties are designed with electric light highlighting, whereas cushion cut diamond rings are done, keeping candlelight in mind. These rings have larger facets and rounded corners as compared to other. This increases their sparkle in candlelight. The facet plan and rounded corners of cushion cut diamond engagement rings give a certain depth to the diamonds, which in turn enhances the real beauty of these rings. The surface area of these rings allows a person to see through the diamond. Cushion cut diamond rings are more soothing in comparison to the modern varieties and look gorgeous at romantic candlelight dinners. Most of these rings are mainly found in the antique and estate markets, but due to their increasing popularity, they are being offered by selected companies too.

Precious Ones

Pearls are some of the most wonderful creations of nature. A single pearl has too much history in it. There are many oysters in the sea but only a number of them will be able to produce pearls.

An oyster can be entered by foreign elements like dirt or sand. Once it settled inside the shells, the oyster will then cover it with coating or nacre. This continues as time passes by until a pearl is fully formed.
Wholesale silver jewelry can be easily bought online. All kinds of designs can be viewed on websites. It becomes easier for customers to make an appropriate choice for the right occasions through these websites. The availability of wholesale silver jewelry online has the additional benefit of reaching out to international customers. Most wholesale silver jewelers are able to create an extensive market for their jewelry items through websites and online order placement facility.
When someone is in a car accident, is robbed or house is broken into silver shell jewelry wholesale there’s an outpouring of support. People can empathize on keishi pearls because they too drive a car, carry money in their pockets on city streets, or own a home. Therefore they can feel for the victim because they can imagine themselves in that person’s shoes. With rape it’s different. I don’t know why for sure of wholesale pearl necklace it just is. While those who have had their home broken into can attest to “feeling violated” and many of shudder thinking of how horrible it must feel to have someone go through your things, be in your home and take something that isn’t theirs; nobody wants to imagine what it would feel like to truly “BE VIOLATED” in the most personal pearl necklace, degrading and horrific sense of the word. Because then we’re no longer talking about sock and underwear drawers or jewelry boxes or the fact that someone has been in our home uninvited – we’re talking about someone being inside us uninvited. We’re not talking about things being taken we’re talking about basic safety being violated