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Christmas Gift

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Nowadays more and more people prefer choosing gifts to send to their friends, families or lovers at a special time. No matter in the western or eastern countries, people gradually form a same habit to deal with the relationship with others. The gift is various, it is not only a simple thing any more.

In western countries people will gather and enjoy together at the end of the solar calendar. For them the Christmas festival is the most wonderful time in the whole year. In China each family will also gather together but at the end of the lunar year, that’s the most wonderful and happiest day for Chinese people. They will send gifts to each other or red papers containing money as a gift to the younger.

Of course, western people also send gifts to each other. But it is different from Chinese way. Chinese people always send the gifts or red paper to others directly, they consider it as the best way to express love and friendship between them. But in western countries people always send gifts by Santa man. The Santa man hides the gifts in advance, till the midnight he stealthily puts them into the socks to surprise people in the morning. Although we know that the gifts are put by the parents or grandfather or grandmother, people still use this way to enjoy the atmosphere of the Christmas with families.

People love the Christmas Santa gift very much. Actually the Christmas festival is also popular in China in recent years. The younger always want to share their romantic time with their lover. When they make an appointment on that day, they always try their best to send gifts to lovers to win its good feeling, too.

In this happiest time no one wants to miss the chance to brave itself, he or she may want to say love to the baby, family, teacher, friends or to make proposal. I think the Christmas Santa gift is his or her best way to show the faith. There are many Christmas Santa gift such as the Santa tree, Santa boot, Christmas Penguin, even the Christmas Santa man pendant. Someone choose Christmas Santa gift with pearl because they think it as the best way to show true love, while some people choose Christmas Santa Pearl because they think the pearl stands for the noble and pure feeling.

I think no matter in western or in eastern countries, people share the same love in the world. The Christmas Santa gift already becomes a symbol of the happiness.

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Freshwater pearl jewelry is a preferred

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Freshwater pearl jewelry is a preferred choice for many women. Although white color is classic and traditional but wide array of colors available now, one can choose to go with any style and matching colors and they are now available in different price range as well. Buying jewelry for self or for loved ones, freshwater pearl jewelry will surely fit into any budget.

Not only celebrities adore pearl jewelry but also now it’s very common among women to wear pearl jewelry at many workplaces. Working moms or young girls wear pearl jewelry with many styles of outfits. Pearl jewelry surely is a perfect choice for brides or for weddings as it can compliment any style of gowns. If diamonds are forever, pearls are timeless fashion statement and pearl jewelry is becoming more popular now among all women.

History starts with the woman’s desire to adorn herself with ornaments of all kinds, especially pearls, being one of the nature’s best bounties to humankind. Pearls have always been the most sought after gem because of their natural beauty and brilliant lustrous appeal. Unlike most gems, including diamonds, which are mined, cut, and shined, pearls are grown naturally in oysters in lakes or seawater.

Ancient history tells us that Egyptians used to bury pearls alongside the dead bodies of their dear ones. The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra reportedly had dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a wager with Marc Anthony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal.
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Freshwater pearl jewelry is now

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Freshwater pearl jewelry is now available in high lustrous quality and at much affordable prices than ever before. Freshwater pearl jewelry is designed with pearls that are grown from freshwater mussels in bays, lakes and rivers. Freshwater pearls are largely produced in China now, but some pearls come from Japan, United States and other parts of the world. Pearls are formed inside the body of oysters. The mollusk deposits layer of nacre, a combination of crystalline and organic substances, when any irritant or parasite enters or placed inside its body. Over a period of time with nacre building up in layers upon layers, the cultured pearl is formed. Interestingly, a single mussel can produce up to 40-50 pearl beads. It takes about 2-3 years to grow freshwater pearls but quality of pearls is more important than the quantity.

Although white color is very traditional and classic in freshwater pearl jewelry but freshwater pearl jewelry do come in various other natural shades link cream, rose overtones, gray, pink, peacock black, golden and lavender etc. Freshwater pearl jewelry can be worn with all kinds of dresses – from casual to parties. Freshwater pearls have been the most sought after gems because of their natural beauty and brilliant lustrous appeal. Freshwater pearl jewelry is much cheaper than diamond and gold jewelry and very affordable.

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Monday, October 27th, 2008

Designers make pearl jewelry with all types and quality of pearls such as freshwater pearls, akoya pearls, Tahitian and south seawater pearls. Each type of pearls come from different type of oysters family and quality, size and shape determines the price.

White color pearl necklace is always traditional and classic but pearls also come in variety of colors and overtones. When we speak of color in a pearl necklace, we are referring to the combination of the body color and overtone.

Black Tahitian and golden south pearls are unique and command very high prices in comparison to other cultured pearls. Akoya and freshwater pearl jewelry is equally lustrous and appealing. Since quality is superb and prices are very affordable, majority of the pearl jewelry sold in the market belong to this later category.

You may want to buy a pearl necklace or bracelet for different age group of women in different occasions. And probably you may ask “what is the right size of pearl for her”? You may have an idea that all women love big size of pearls. So if you can afford paying the tremendous bill, you will buy the pearl size as big as you can for her. Well, this is not always true. In fact, a pearl strand of same quality using slightly smaller pearls is just as beautiful as that of bigger pearls. Generally speaking, women at different ages have different preferences for the size of pearls.
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Freshwater pearl jewelry

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Freshwater pearl jewelry is changing rapidly. A Freshwater pearl necklace will last longer, and be tomorrow’s heirloom. Freshwater Pearls are gaining in quality and popularity.

Pearls have always held an almost mystical place in the history of jewelry. As early as the 4th century B.C., pearls were already being used by royalty not only to enhance personal beauty, but also to denote their high status. Today, pearls are among the most popular items in the worlds of fashion and jewelry because they are timeless in their elegance and simplicity. But that isn’t to say they’re boring! Oh no. The beauty of pearls is that they are suitable for just about anybody, whether they be naughty or nice.

Pearls have been the favorite of many well-known personalities, both to give and to receive. For instance, it’s a well-known fact that Monaco’s Prince Rainier gifted his bride Grace Kelly with a Van Arpel set of pearl and diamond earrings, necklace and bracelet at their wedding, while Jackie Kennedy received a pearl necklace, a pearl and diamond bracelet, and other jewelry that were given to her as gifts for her wedding to John F. Kennedy. And cinematic siren Marilyn Monroe is said to have treasured a pearl necklace given to her by her husband, Joe DiMaggio, while they were honeymooning in Japan.

Examples of pearls gone wild exist in the celebrity world too. Actress Mischa Barton of “The O.C.” has been photographed wearing strands upon strands of differently-sized pearls, making her look eccentric but more eye-catching than ever. Halle Berry wore a lariat necklace with Autore South Sea pearls nestling tantalizingly on her nearly bare chest during the 2003 premiere of her movie “Gothika.” And viewers of the HBO comedy “Sex and the City” will remember the expression on sex-loving Samantha’s face as she walked up several flights of stairs when she was wearing a pearl thong — an unusual example of the combination of jewelry and lingerie.

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