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The rhodium has worn

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The rhodium has worn off. The white gold, alloyed with nickel is in direct contact with your skin. You are reacting to the nickel. One easy solution is to bring the ring in to the jeweler where you purchased it and have it replated with rhodium. Or, you could trade the ring in for a white gold ring that does NOT contain nickel, a palladium ring or a platinum ring.
The metal rhodium is essentially inert to the skin, hypoallergenic, no reaction. What the reaction could be is a basic metals reaction and that SHOULD NOT be happening if the rings have a real rhodium plate.

My suggestion? Contact QVC and tell them of the problem. They should either give your money back or replace the item with one with a real rhodium plate!
Green is a reaction generally to base metals, such as copper, etc., which are either preplate(done beneath the rhodium on metals like silver) or part of the the meatal alloy the ring is made of.

Either the plate is not rhodium or is a poor job at plating. QVC owes you an answer on this one and your may use my answer when you contact them if you want.
Without seeing the ring and actually examining it, I can say little about the ring itself.

“Temporary Fix. Recommended for you to Try:
Rhodium is a hard and durable white metal. Most white gold is given a quick plated layer of rhodium when brand new or when repaired.

This thin layer of rhodium gives the metal a whiter look. Rhodium is also a metal that does not react with the skin. A local jeweler should easily be able to refinish, buff up nicely and rhodium plate your ring. The look is good. The advantage to you is the rhodium provided a safety layer between the nickel in the ring and your sensitive skin! The rhodium works very well when the plating is done correctly. You can expect the rhodium to wear off in time but you should get 6mos to a year of wear before the ring should be plated with rhodium again. We often do this service for ladies who love white gold earrings but have problems. With yellow gold problems, we plate the parts touching the skin and it works until the rhodium eventually wears away.”

Men’s Seiko Watches precision in keeping and telling time and date is exemplary, and it amazingly functions automatically. With these features of Men’s Seiko Watches plus the affordability it has, Men’s Seiko Watches are really the best buy in choosing the best men’s watch.

In choosing the perfect engagement ring for your beau, aside from the price and the size of stone, an important consideration is the shape of the gem as well. The pear shape diamond engagement ring may not be a conventional choice but any engagement rings that profess love are truly fit for the woman you love.

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Whether you and he have discussed

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Whether you and he have discussed marriage or you just have a hunch that he may pop the question in the near future, you’ve probably given some thought to a diamond ring. If you and your intended shop for your diamond ring together, become familiar with the elements of diamond quality before you get to the mall. Invented by the Gemological Institute of America, the diamond grading system is commonly known as the “4 Cs” – carat, clarity, color and cut.

Carat weight measures a diamond’s size. Each carat is equal to 100 points. Thus, a .75-carat diamond is the same as a 75-point stone or a 3/4-carat diamond. According to the Diamond Information Center, the larger a diamond, the more rare it is. Not only are larger diamonds found infrequently in nature, but they also show off the stone’s color and cut to the best advantage.

According to the Diamond Information Center, the purer a diamond, the more brilliant it is. A diamond’s clarity is judged by the number, color, type, size and position of inclusions – “nature’s birthmarks” – it contains. The fewer inclusions the stone has – as determined by a grading system – the more valuable it is.

The purer the color of a diamond, the more rare it is. Truly colorless diamonds are the most valuable, while those with subtle yellow or brown tones – as determined by a grading system – are less so. Comparing stones side by side is the best way to see the color of each stone.

The Diamond Information Center maintains that, while nature is responsible for the other three Cs, it is the cut of a stone that releases its sparkle and beauty. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light will reflect from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse through the top of the stone, resulting in a display of its brilliance.

There are several different shapes of cut diamonds; the one you choose depends upon your personal taste. Marquis cuts are out of style, but Princess, Round, Oval, and Emerald diamond rings are chosen by many couples.

While diamond rings have traditionally been comprised of a single diamond or solitaire, the current trend is a ring with a center stone and side diamonds. As for settings, there are over half-dozen categories to choose from. The prong setting is still the first choice for most buyers, but that the bezel setting is also popular. And, while yellow gold may make a comeback in the future, the hot metal for diamond rings is still platinum. While it’s pricier, it’s also heavier, hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish.

White gold is routinely alloyed down with nickel. Nickel causes allergic reactions in a lot of people.
It’s probably showing up now, because your ring was plated in rhodium (the whitest member of the platinum family) when you bought it. This is normal, as white gold always has a little warmth to it, so it is almost always plated in rhodium.

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A diamond ring is not exactly cheap.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

A diamond ring is not exactly cheap.

In fact, one diamond ring may be equivalent to a couple of months of your apartment rental. Still, you don’t have to pay more if you can pay for it less? This is possible if you know the techniques that will help you find a quality diamond ring at discounted prices.

Read on and you might learn a trick or two.

Without knowing how much you are willing to shell out, you will not be able to find the diamond ring that will fit your needs. In order to set out for a cheaper diamond ring, you have to first determine what is cheap and what is expensive for you.

Be familiar with the prices

Unlike some commodities, diamond rings or any jewelry with diamonds on it do not have fixed prices. Prices of the pieces will depend upon the following properties of the diamond: clarity, cut, color and carat. Clarity refers to the clearness of the gemstone, its brilliance as well as its imperfections.

The color on the other hand refers to the “color” of the stone. Although diamonds are clear, there are varieties that have yellow shades. The carat refers to the weight and size of the stone while cut is the shape the stone is cut. Each property will determine the price of the diamond. For instance, the better the clarity, the higher the price. The same goes with the color. Yellowish-colored stones are less expensive. Reputable stores keep records of these things so don’t be afraid to ask the store

Watch out for sales

Stores frequently offer promos and sales, often during special occasions like anniversaries. Some conduct sales before Christmas to get rid of old stocks. Take note of these sales and follow the prices of the jewelry. Buy when there is a sale so that you can take advantage of the discounts. Although jewelry stores do not really give much in terms of discounts, a couple of percent is already pretty good especially if the price is high.

Look in thrift shops, garage sales and second hand stores

Although diamond rings are not exactly a dime a dozen in these kinds of shops, sometimes, they do appear. Be on the lookout but of course before you buy make sure that you have taken note of the specifications. You may be paying more for what it is really worth.

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Whether you’re planning to attend

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Whether you’re planning to attend a formal New Year’s Eve party or a simple gathering of close friends, you will want to look your best. When it comes to dressing for a celebration, there’s no better way to shine than with the help of cubic zirconia.

If you’re going to be out and about on this New Year’s Eve, you are going to need a wristwatch. Afterall, you will want to know precisely when the clock turns to midnight so that you can bring in the New Year with a kiss from your special someone. If you don’t already own one, it may be time to consider a cubic zirconia watch. These are not as common as other jewelry pieces, but they can either be found or designed with a little creativity. If you can’t locate the perfect watch, you can create your own using a stunning bracelet. All you will need is a preferred watch face and the bracelet that you want to use as your watchband, both of which can be taken to a local jeweler and crafted into the perfect timepiece.

Does your New Year’s Eve plans include dancing? If so, you can dazzle on the dance floor with the help of a beautiful cubic zirconia bracelet. One of the most popular choices is that of the classic tennis bracelet, but any design style that fits your personal taste will be perfect. As you move, the light will reflect off of your wrist and you will truly feel like the belle of the ball.

When it comes to choosing your jewelry accessories for New Year’s Eve, your hair may play a more important role than you think. Why? Because your choice in earrings will be largely dependent upon your hairstyle. An upswept style will be perfectly complimented by a chandelier earring, which is extremely popular for the 2007 fall & winter months. If you have longer hair and plan to wear it down, consider a classic stud earring that will not get in your way or interrupt the flow of your perfect look.

Are you married? If you are, consider leaving your genuine diamond wedding set at home and wearing these wedding rings instead. When you are at a party, the last thing you will want to think about is losing your genuine diamonds. Because they are both treasured and expensive, they would create certain heartbreak if lost or stolen. For this reason, you may be able to enjoy the celebration even more without the worry of your precious gemstones. If you were to lose your jewelry, it would surely be a sad event. However, it’s likely to be more feasible to replace a diamond stimulant than the real thing, which is why many people also travel with cubic zirconia jewelry.

Last but not least, no New Year’s Eve celebration would be complete without the perfect handbag. If you currently own a simple purse that could use a little sprucing, don’t worry. All that’s needed, in many cases, is a single cubic zirconia pin placed in either the top left or right corner or even directly in the center of the bag. You will instantly change the look of your handbag, and you will have a glamorous pin to wear on your sweater or lapel after the evening is over.

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The rhodium plating is used to make

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The rhodium plating is used to make the white gold look more white. Unfortunately, the rhodium does wear away eventually. This is a definite down-side to white gold rings–and for those of us who like our possessions to be low maintenance. To keep a white gold ring looking like new, it should be re-plated approximately every year to year and a half. However, most local jewelers are able to rhodium plate jewelry for a relatively low price. Now, that I’ve had my white-gold engagement ring and wedding band for over a year, it really is time for me to seek out a local jeweler to get the rings re-plated.

When comparing the price of the gold colors in the same carat, white gold is normally a little more expensive than yellow gold If you can’t makeup your mind between yellow gold or white gold, don’t sweat it. You can get a two-tone ring that combines both metals.

The next major decision you must make is the number of karats in the gold wedding bands. So what the heck do karats measure? Pure gold has 24 karats and is the measurement unit in which gold purity is evaluated. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a wedding band made of 24 karats as gold at this level is not strong enough to be used for jewelery. Alloys must be added in order to make gold strong enough to be worn around your ring finger. Typically, you must choose between 14 K gold and 18 K gold. 14 K gold is approximately 58% pure gold (you can do the math… 14 K divided by 24 K) 18 K gold is approximately 75% pure gold ( 18 K divided by 24 K). So what is the difference? 18 K yellow gold has a somewhat deeper yellow color although it can’t necessarily be distinguished from 14 K by the naked eye. 14 K white gold and 18 K white gold have a similar white color (as normally both have a rhodium plating finish). As it is more pure, 18K is slightly softer than 14 K…. This may be something to consider if you do a lot of physical work with your hands. Also, another interesting factoid is that 14 K is typically more popular than 18 K gold wedding bands amongst consumers in the U.S.

What can you do if you have one solitaire loose diamond? Well, unless you are just keeping it for investment purposes, you will probably want to have it set in a piece of jewelry of some sort. The only real problem with that is the overwhelming task of deciding what kind of setting to choose.

Do you want a pendant for a necklace, a beautiful ring, or perhaps a broche? Once you decide that part of the equation, then you have to decide on the style you like. Does a modern look suit your fancy or would you prefer a more antique look?

When you have decided what piece of jewelry and the style you want to make with your diamond, then you can consider if it needs embellishment of any kind. Surrounding a solitaire one with smaller ones can add a lot of glamour to a piece. Smaller diamonds can be inexpensive, depending on their quality. Gemstones with striking color, such as rubies or sapphires can give a piece of jewelry even more flare. Using smaller stones can play up a good solitaire one, or it can help detract attention from the flaws of a lesser quality diamond. Just remember that if you are going to embellish a solitaire with smaller surrounding them the color of the stones need to match.
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Diamonds are usually found

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Diamonds are usually found in central and southern Africa. Although diamonds have also been found in large quantities in Canada, Russia, and Australia. Diamonds are mined from volcanic shafts deep in the recesses of the earth. They are made when carbon-containing materials are exposed for a long period to high pressure and temperature.

Black diamonds have been around for a long time, and in the last few years have started to be marketed and promoted, making them fashionable. Of all the colors of diamonds, black diamonds are considered to be the most striking for a number of reasons. The black variety of diamonds, found in Brazil, are used for diamond drills. It occurs in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from solid to absorbent. Beautiful jewelry can be made using these loose black diamonds. There are diamond earrings and necklaces, which look gorgeous on the people, wearing them.

Some of the denser, less flawed carbon can be polished, but usually makes the stones get badly flawed surfaces. In addition, much of it is gray or dark gray rather than black, which tends to make it even less attractive. In recent years black diamonds have become fashionable and are currently being offered at very high prices. Diamonds were traditionally thought of as white or clear. As a matter of fact diamonds do have color and this can be graded. There are different types of colors that are available from black to pink diamonds, and there are yellow diamonds, which look more than stunning. There are many other colors of diamonds, which are gorgeous and available at quite reasonable prices.

Online sites are available that give information about different colors. They also provide information where real black loose diamonds can be bought. People can also order loose black diamonds online.

Wholesale jewelry is undergoing a wonderful transformation in recent times. Remember when costume jewelry was plastic, semi precious jewelry was for lapidary, Murano glass was for art galleries, and shell jewelry was for beach resorts? Then inspiration for fashion enters from the 1940s and 50s and a new classic look consumes the lines dividing wholesale jewelry.

The silhouette resurfaces with waistlines and belts as fashion runways return to the lady-like look that graced the silver screen of the forties and fifties. Suddenly the classic look engulfs fashion. The story includes accessories. Wholesale jewelry takes on new excellence as designers use man-made art and natural components to deliver surprising beauty. Category lines of wholesale jewelry blur as the upscale momentum of fashion jewelry delivers pink with rose quartz, brown with tiger’s eye, and blue with turquoise. Gemstones are accessorizing the hot color of red with coral and green with aventurine or unakite. A glance at the showcases of fine department stores or an upscale fashion magazine reveals the importance of gemstone in today’s fashion jewelry.

Yellow gold wedding bands continues to be more popular than white gold wedding bands, which I find surprising… I will openly share that I like white gold better than yellow gold… in my mind, it has a more contemporary look. The difference in color between yellow and white gold is determined by the metals used in the alloy mix. Yellow gold is made by combining pure gold with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. White gold is comprised of an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. White gold rings are typically coated with another white metal called rhodium. Rhodium is a metal very similar to platinum and has many platinum properties.

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The designer amber jewelry

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The designer amber jewelry is made from the best quality amber and crafted into beautiful works that would make any woman feel beautiful. Every effort has been made to create designs and styles that would match your individual requirements and go with any outfit that you choose to wear. Whether it is a sari or the Western look that you would like to sport, the amber silver jewelry is just right for you.

Make every moment special with designer amber jewelry that brings out your real personality. It is just what you need to make a style statement.

Italian charms have become one of the hottest jewelry items on the market. As their demand continues to grow, so does the requirement for making bulk purchases by retailers. The Internet is the best place to find wholesalers of Italian charms. There are countless merchants and suppliers of Italian charms, most of them available online. One can sift through various web sites to find out more about the designs, material and prices of these items.

Most of the wholesalers offer heavy discounts for bulk purchasing. In some cases this discount can go up to 60 percent. If a wholesaler is selling only one particular design of Italian charm, you can always press for more discounts. In many cases the wholesalers are also the manufacturers. In such cases one can get a better deal, as the manufacturer would be ready to forego a commission as a wholesaler to develop a long-term business relationship.

Before purchasing Italian charms wholesale, it is important to check out the terms and conditions mentioned in the purchase agreement, in regards to faulty items. Some wholesalers take them back, while others don’t. Most of those who take them back stipulate a time limit for returning the faulty items.

If you are a retailer, you should explore the possibility of getting some “”credit”” from your wholesale supplier. If you are a consumer, planning to go for bulk purchase for a group of friends and relatives, it is better to buy them from a local store. If you are making purchases online, it is always safer to deal with an online store which has been in business for a few years.

At times, one can get a good deal on an auction web site, also. However, one should be doubly careful while making such purchases online, as the payments have to be made in advance and there are a number of fly-by-night operators that could vanish after accepting the payments without making any deliveries.

Diamonds are usually found in central and southern Africa. Although diamonds have also been found in large quantities in Canada, Russia, and Australia. Diamonds are mined from volcanic shafts deep in the recesses of the earth. They are made when carbon-containing materials are exposed for a long period to high pressure and temperature.

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Infinity, the figure 8 is one of Feng Shui’s symbol

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Infinity, the figure 8 is one of Feng Shui’s symbol of boundless happiness. The figure is incorporated into stunning amulets that attract positive energy to bring balance to life. Feng Shui jewelry is all about empowering, protecting, balancing, and exquisiteness. The jewelry uses the finest quality stones, crystals, and pearls to enhance the Chi’s effects as well as your life, like for example the Marriage Charm Bracelet doubles the happiness of married life.

Mystical knot in Feng Shui jewelry symbolizes endless love. It represents long free life, far away from separation and heartbreak. It also denotes endless togetherness and undying love. This lucky love symbol is most suitable for ensuring lasting romance in married life.

Medicine Buddha Pendants symbolize the healing and perfecting health qualities of Buddhahood. These pendants are blessed with traditional Buddhist rituals and come in silk pouches along with few grains of rice from the blessing ritual. These pendants invoke the therapeutic power of the Medicine Buddha.

Yellow Jambhala, which is also called Wealth Buddha is a neckpiece made of Sterling Silver and Red Coral and it relieves the wearer form poverty and blesses with abundance. These pendants are blessed within traditional Buddhist rituals at the Yong He Gong Buddhist Lama Temple, China. The Yellow Jambhala is seated on a lotus flower, in his right hand, he holds a lemon, and in the left, a moneybag containing coins.

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is a pendant that’s made of Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz and Kuan Yin manifests in any conceivable form to assist any being who seeks her blessings. Kuan yin is also sought after by childless women. Blessed Prayer Malas are blessed by Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Temple of Universal Salvation, China. Buddhist females wear these malas on the right wrist and males wear it on the left wrist.

White Jade 108 Bead Mala is generally used to assist in counting prayer repetition and it is worn for protection. White Jade stone symbolizes the essence of Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion. Smokey Quartz 108 Bead Mala symbolizes the qualities of grounding and energy and thus it improves intuition with regards to challenges and responsibility. This Jade Male is also called the calming stone mala.

Jewelry is undoubtedly a woman’s best accessory. Whether a pendant, ring, bangle or a necklace, a piece of jewelry can accentuate a woman’s beauty manifold. With an array of precious gemstones and jewelry designs available, what to choose for the perfect look can be rather confusing at times. The range of amber silver jewelry at Feel Good Jewelry aims at providing a solution to this very problem of yours. It is jewelry designed for today’s woman – the woman of substance.

One look at the superior quality designer amber jewelry would give you all your answers. Just a glance and you know that this is just the one for you. The site offers a range of exquisite designs and styles that are created with just you in mind.

As a woman you work to provide others with all that they need and keep everyone else around you happy. Juggling between the various roles of a daughter, wife, mother and friend definitely is a tough task at hand. You definitely need to pamper yourself once a while. Caring for yourself and dressing up in style can make you feel good and confident too. The amber silver jewelry, creation at its best, is one that would make you feel truly special.

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Most people think of jewelry

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Most people think of jewelry as a “woman’s thing,” but the fact is that mens jewelry has been a tradition in many cultures throughout the world dating back to the Stone Age. In those days, mens jewelry consisted of necklaces made from the claws of animals or the bones of slain enemies (!) Among several North American Indian tribes, necklaces made from the wampum, or dentalia shells that were recognized as currency made such decoration practical as well.

Today, mens jewelry may also consist of necklaces, amulets and earrings. However, designer watches and mens diamond wedding rings are the most popular and best-selling items.

Wedding Bands Galore

There is nearly as much variety in wedding bands for men as there are for women. One of the latest trends in this area is palladium wedding bands.

While gold is traditional, it is a relatively soft metal. Palladium wedding bands are virtually indestructible, and will last for decades without scratching or tarnishing – which is not surprising, since the melting point of palladium is almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Men’s Celtic wedding rings have also become popular in recent years. These are available as mens diamond wedding rings, or can be purchased without a stone mounted; they feature the traditional “knot work” patterns that are so closely associated with the art of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Men’s watches are also popular, and are quite traditional as gifts from one man to another – in recognition of a job well done, to commemorate a special occasion, or as part of a rite of passage; a century ago, the gift of a pocket watch from a father to his son was often made to mark a boy’s passage into manhood.

Wrist watches have existed for perhaps two hundred years, but until the early 20th century were considered effeminate (and were actually made for women). The advent of aviation changed all of that; pocket watches were not practical when it was necessary to keep one’s hands on the controls of primitive aircraft at all times.

Citizen watches are a popular choice. These are excellent timepieces that have been manufactured in Japan since 1918, when the company was known as the Shoshoka Watch Institute. However, they represent only one brand of fine designer watches manufactured throughout the world.

Organic gems like pearls, amber, and coral are also very popular and exude sheer elegance and style. Pearls are relatively less expensive as compared to precious stones. However, natural pearls can cost a fortune as they are very rare.

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A common trick that many jewelry

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

A common trick that many jewelry stores participate in is the Carat Total Weight scam. The tag on the piece of jewelry, usually a ring, only states the combined total carat weight of all diamonds in the piece, instead of listing the individual weights separately for each diamond. This leads consumers to believe that the main diamond in the piece is actually bigger than it is. Once you are wise to this trick, you can avoid it by asking what the total carat weight of the center stone is.

You should also beware of fractions. Jewelry stores are allowed to round off diamond weights. This means that if the jeweler tells you that it is a ? carat diamond, it is probably between ? and ? carat – but closer to ?.

Many Jewelry stores often run “fluorescence” tricks to varying degrees. Referring to a diamond as a blue-white diamond is one such a trick. A blue-white diamond sounds very unique and special, and the jeweler will try to make you think you are getting something special, but in fact, this type of diamond is of lesser quality.

Jewelry stores also like to show their diamonds in bright lights. Lights make diamonds shine. So get a fairer picture, ask to see the diamond in a different, darker type of lighting as well.

Some particularly unscrupulous jewelers target those who want appraisals on diamonds that were given to them as gifts or that were purchased elsewhere. They will try to tell you that the diamond is worth less than its true value – and offer to take it off your hands or trade it for a much better diamond, along with the cash to make up the difference. This is called low balling. If presented with an offer like this, be sure to get a second, third, and even a fourth opinion before taking any action.

Another common dirty trick is to switch the diamond you have chosen and paid for with one of lesser quality and value when you leave it to be set in a piece of jewelry, or leave a diamond ring to be sized. The only way to avoid this is to do business with one trustworthy jeweler. Avoid jewelers that you have not done business with in the past.

There are many more scams that less trustworthy jewelry stores commonly pull on unsuspecting consumers. Just use your best judgment, and purchase your diamonds with the utmost care and consideration.

With diamonds, there are many scams to be on your guard for. Although most scams are minor, there are some major ones that come up from time to time concerning the buying and selling of diamonds.
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