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Because of its uniqueness

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Because of its uniqueness and small market share, the cost is usually much higher than the standard diamond. We all know, that in part, it goes back to supply and demand. Regardless of the cost though there are some people who like to wear these black diamonds as men’s rings. This trend is very small. This could be due to the fact that many jewelers consider these black diamonds as being imperfect stones and consequently not worth the time that it would take to cut and mold them. So if you would like to wear jewelry that has black diamonds embedded in them you will have to make inquires from reputable jewelers if they have these gemstones in stock. You may find that this could pose a challenge because many jewelers just don’t carry the stone.

Other than this you will likely have to look on the internet for online jewelry stores where you can purchase your black diamonds from. Word of caution, do your research diligently and feel comfortable with a company before doing business with them. Once you have found such a place and you are prepared to purchase the diamond for the going price you will need to trust that you have found a place that will sell you quality black diamond jewelry. As these types of jewelry pieces are very hard and uncommon to find you should look at the different designs that are available and see if there is one that appeals to you in spite of the price. Remember, this is not a race, take your time and make your decision wisely.

There is also another way that you can get good quality jewelry with black diamonds embedded in the design. You will need to locate a stone store that has black diamonds for sale. Having verified the caliber and seen if the cost is one that you can yield you will need to buy the quantity that you need for your design. The next step is to find a goldsmith or jewelry creator and give your design to them. This may sound like a long and arduous process, but it is well worth your time. At the end of it all you are left with a fine piece of jewelry that is custom to your liking.

You will have to trust at the end of the jewelry making process you will be the proprietor of a unparalleled piece of black diamond jewelry. To find quality jewelry takes time and to be the owner of jewelry with black diamonds means that not only should you have a discreet eye for the first-class caliber items in life but you should be prepared to pay for them as well. Black diamonds are unique and can make for a perfect gift or addition to your jewelry. When looking take your time and enjoy the process for you will be very happy with your new accessory.

You have been waiting for the big day when you would be proposing to your girlfriend. You have memorized Shakespeare’s Sonnet 114. You have even picked out your best clothes, bought new cologne and even polished your shoes. More importantly, you have the perfect ring to give to your perfect girlfriend on a perfectly planned evening. Unfortunately, the evening did not turn out as perfectly as you had hoped. The party pooper turned out to be you, after all. You gave her an engagement ring one size too big!

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The rhodium has worn

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The rhodium has worn off. The white gold, alloyed with nickel is in direct contact with your skin. You are reacting to the nickel. One easy solution is to bring the ring in to the jeweler where you purchased it and have it replated with rhodium. Or, you could trade the ring in for a white gold ring that does NOT contain nickel, a palladium ring or a platinum ring.
The metal rhodium is essentially inert to the skin, hypoallergenic, no reaction. What the reaction could be is a basic metals reaction and that SHOULD NOT be happening if the rings have a real rhodium plate.

My suggestion? Contact QVC and tell them of the problem. They should either give your money back or replace the item with one with a real rhodium plate!
Green is a reaction generally to base metals, such as copper, etc., which are either preplate(done beneath the rhodium on metals like silver) or part of the the meatal alloy the ring is made of.

Either the plate is not rhodium or is a poor job at plating. QVC owes you an answer on this one and your may use my answer when you contact them if you want.
Without seeing the ring and actually examining it, I can say little about the ring itself.

“Temporary Fix. Recommended for you to Try:
Rhodium is a hard and durable white metal. Most white gold is given a quick plated layer of rhodium when brand new or when repaired.

This thin layer of rhodium gives the metal a whiter look. Rhodium is also a metal that does not react with the skin. A local jeweler should easily be able to refinish, buff up nicely and rhodium plate your ring. The look is good. The advantage to you is the rhodium provided a safety layer between the nickel in the ring and your sensitive skin! The rhodium works very well when the plating is done correctly. You can expect the rhodium to wear off in time but you should get 6mos to a year of wear before the ring should be plated with rhodium again. We often do this service for ladies who love white gold earrings but have problems. With yellow gold problems, we plate the parts touching the skin and it works until the rhodium eventually wears away.”

Men’s Seiko Watches precision in keeping and telling time and date is exemplary, and it amazingly functions automatically. With these features of Men’s Seiko Watches plus the affordability it has, Men’s Seiko Watches are really the best buy in choosing the best men’s watch.

In choosing the perfect engagement ring for your beau, aside from the price and the size of stone, an important consideration is the shape of the gem as well. The pear shape diamond engagement ring may not be a conventional choice but any engagement rings that profess love are truly fit for the woman you love.

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Whether you and he have discussed

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Whether you and he have discussed marriage or you just have a hunch that he may pop the question in the near future, you’ve probably given some thought to a diamond ring. If you and your intended shop for your diamond ring together, become familiar with the elements of diamond quality before you get to the mall. Invented by the Gemological Institute of America, the diamond grading system is commonly known as the “4 Cs” – carat, clarity, color and cut.

Carat weight measures a diamond’s size. Each carat is equal to 100 points. Thus, a .75-carat diamond is the same as a 75-point stone or a 3/4-carat diamond. According to the Diamond Information Center, the larger a diamond, the more rare it is. Not only are larger diamonds found infrequently in nature, but they also show off the stone’s color and cut to the best advantage.

According to the Diamond Information Center, the purer a diamond, the more brilliant it is. A diamond’s clarity is judged by the number, color, type, size and position of inclusions – “nature’s birthmarks” – it contains. The fewer inclusions the stone has – as determined by a grading system – the more valuable it is.

The purer the color of a diamond, the more rare it is. Truly colorless diamonds are the most valuable, while those with subtle yellow or brown tones – as determined by a grading system – are less so. Comparing stones side by side is the best way to see the color of each stone.

The Diamond Information Center maintains that, while nature is responsible for the other three Cs, it is the cut of a stone that releases its sparkle and beauty. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light will reflect from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse through the top of the stone, resulting in a display of its brilliance.

There are several different shapes of cut diamonds; the one you choose depends upon your personal taste. Marquis cuts are out of style, but Princess, Round, Oval, and Emerald diamond rings are chosen by many couples.

While diamond rings have traditionally been comprised of a single diamond or solitaire, the current trend is a ring with a center stone and side diamonds. As for settings, there are over half-dozen categories to choose from. The prong setting is still the first choice for most buyers, but that the bezel setting is also popular. And, while yellow gold may make a comeback in the future, the hot metal for diamond rings is still platinum. While it’s pricier, it’s also heavier, hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish.

White gold is routinely alloyed down with nickel. Nickel causes allergic reactions in a lot of people.
It’s probably showing up now, because your ring was plated in rhodium (the whitest member of the platinum family) when you bought it. This is normal, as white gold always has a little warmth to it, so it is almost always plated in rhodium.

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A diamond ring is not exactly cheap.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

A diamond ring is not exactly cheap.

In fact, one diamond ring may be equivalent to a couple of months of your apartment rental. Still, you don’t have to pay more if you can pay for it less? This is possible if you know the techniques that will help you find a quality diamond ring at discounted prices.

Read on and you might learn a trick or two.

Without knowing how much you are willing to shell out, you will not be able to find the diamond ring that will fit your needs. In order to set out for a cheaper diamond ring, you have to first determine what is cheap and what is expensive for you.

Be familiar with the prices

Unlike some commodities, diamond rings or any jewelry with diamonds on it do not have fixed prices. Prices of the pieces will depend upon the following properties of the diamond: clarity, cut, color and carat. Clarity refers to the clearness of the gemstone, its brilliance as well as its imperfections.

The color on the other hand refers to the “color” of the stone. Although diamonds are clear, there are varieties that have yellow shades. The carat refers to the weight and size of the stone while cut is the shape the stone is cut. Each property will determine the price of the diamond. For instance, the better the clarity, the higher the price. The same goes with the color. Yellowish-colored stones are less expensive. Reputable stores keep records of these things so don’t be afraid to ask the store

Watch out for sales

Stores frequently offer promos and sales, often during special occasions like anniversaries. Some conduct sales before Christmas to get rid of old stocks. Take note of these sales and follow the prices of the jewelry. Buy when there is a sale so that you can take advantage of the discounts. Although jewelry stores do not really give much in terms of discounts, a couple of percent is already pretty good especially if the price is high.

Look in thrift shops, garage sales and second hand stores

Although diamond rings are not exactly a dime a dozen in these kinds of shops, sometimes, they do appear. Be on the lookout but of course before you buy make sure that you have taken note of the specifications. You may be paying more for what it is really worth.

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Know what you are buying

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Know what you are buying

Research on diamond rings and make sure that you know enough before you set out to buy one. Buying something that you do not have an idea about is a sure recipe for disaster. So don’t attempt to. If you must really buy and don’t have the time to ask around, bring someone who know a little about diamond rings or better yet someone who have already bought one. Chances are, that person will be able to help you in your search.

Having a keen eye is vital if you want to match precious stones and jewelry. Although it can be challenging I still enjoy the various shades and clarity found in blue topaz jewelry. Maybe the challenge would be little easier if I expand my collection.
Steel jewelry is entirely made of stainless steel, which is almost indestructible by just frequent usage. It is carefully made by meticulously carving a solid piece of steel into the design desired. It’s as simple yet painstaking in process. Impressively enough, steel jewelry has many advantages, thus, somewhat making it superior to other forms of jewelry.

Steel jewelry does not tarnish. There’s also no need to worry about your jewelry discoloring your skin unlike the usual jewelry made of composite alloys. As mentioned earlier, steel jewelry can last longer than any other jewelry and is very durable. In cases of damages and major scratches, steel jewelry can be easily repaired by simply polishing these damages without further damaging the rest of the piece. Since stainless steel is essentially different in composition than other materials usually used in jewelry, it is amazingly hypoallergenic, thus, attracts more and more people especially those sensitive to other jewelry materials to make use of this type of jewelry. Moreover, men are definitely becoming more and more interested in using steel jewelry with its sense of masculinity.

Buy in reputable stores

If you do not know how to spot the real from the fake then only go to stores that you know will not sell fakes. These are the stores that are located in malls or those who have already been in the jewelry business for decades and therefore would not do anything to sully their names. Although these places may offer much higher prices, at least you are assured that what you are buying is real and worth every cent of your hard-earned money.

Ask for certificate

Reputable stores give certificates of authenticity to its customers. Ask for one when you buy. This will serve as your insurance just in case the jewelry that you bought turned out to be a fake. It is also a good idea to ask the store if the issue certificate of authenticity before you actually shop in that store. Certificates of authenticity is very important especially if you really want to hold on to a document stating that what you are buying is worth it.

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Go to places that sell cheap jewelry

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Go to places that sell cheap jewelry. Often, these can be found in thrift shops, pre-owned stores and pawnshops. Here you will find discounted jewelry. The downside is that most of the pieces that you will find here were already owned by other people before.

Another way to find cheap diamond rings is by looking out for big sales in jewelry shops. Often, they will conduct big sales before the Christmas season to get rid of their old stocks. Of course, the discount that you will get here is not as big as one that you will get in thrift shops.
Platinum is a rare, extremely long wearing, natural white luster metal. However, it can be used in its purest form when used in jewelry. Platinum does not require being rhodium plated like white gold. One advantage of platinum rings is that they can be cut-off the finger in the event of an emergency.

Since platinum is a very dense, heavy metal, so a platinum ring is usually heavier than an 18ct gold ring. Platinum is also more durable than gold and so is more preferred for wedding bands. However, because of all these positive characteristics of platinum, it is significantly more expensive than gold, approximately twice the price of an 18ct white gold ring. Platinum provides an excellent backdrop for diamonds but is equally elegant alone. Most men prefer platinum wedding bands, if they can afford it, because of its streamlined beauty, and hypoallergenic proprieties.

Taking into account it’s rarity and cost, the selection of men’s platinum wedding rings is obviously smaller than the ranges available for gold and titanium rings.

Most men, when choosing a platinum wedding band, tend to opt for the simpler version, even though platinum allows for maximum versatility. A simple platinum men’s wedding band can be bought for as much as about $145 with no specific higher range. Most platinum rings are made on a thick extruded blank. It is suggested to ask the vendors to clearly display the thickness and the weigh of the rings. Platinum rings can be made with a comfort-fit also for more comfortable wearing. Platinum rings can be set with precious stones, like Rubies or Blue Sapphires, instead of diamonds, or a combination of precious stones and diamonds.
Diamond rings are expensive. In fact, this is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that you will be buying in your lifetime. Because of this, there are a lot of people out there who would take advantage and try to sell you a diamond that is not really a diamond.

With the creation of the zirconia, a diamond that looks and feels like a diamond but is not really a diamond, telling the fake from the real is all the more harder. It is important then to be very careful in buying diamond rings. If you feel that you are not buying your money’s worth, do not buy. It is better to err on the side of caution, as they say. Below are some tips that will help you to avoid buying fake diamond rings.
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Not all corals qualify as jewels

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Not all corals qualify as jewels. Actually, in jewelry only the “Corallium rubrum” and “Corallium japonicum” are used. Once upon a time corals were extracted from underwater reefs with dragnets, but environmental worries have pressed for less-damaging means of collection –- for instance, divers collect corals, rather than dragnets.

After being extracted from the sea, corals are processed until they become suitable for rings, necklaces and other jewelry. Part of the processing is polishing, when corals obtain their marvelous gloss. Another requirement for quality coral jewelry is that the coloring is even and the surface is not scratched or pocked with cavities.

Since corals are a relatively soft gemstone, coral jewelry needs special care in order to preserve its beauty. Although they originally come from the sunny tropics, coral jewels cannot withstand heat and direct sunlight. Be very careful when washing them with water or spraying perfume on them, because there is a risk of damage to their gloss. If you decide to wipe them, use soft cloth because otherwise you might scratch them. If you want corals to remain beautiful, you need to take care of them.

For ages, corals have been used as talismans against bad luck and evil spirits. This might not be pure superstition, because even modern science recommends using corals in therapy, for soothing fears and tensions.

A diamond is not cheap.

That is the first thing that you should stick in your head before you start off your search. Knowing this will save you from the frustrations of looking for something that you cannot actually find. The sooner you accept that there are really no cheap diamond rings, the less heartache and frustrations you will go through.

The first thing that you should know in finding a cheap diamond ring is the current price of the diamond ring in the market. Without knowing this, how can you compare prices. How do you know which one is cheap and which one is not? You can determine the current prices by asking clerks in stores and shops that sell jewelry. You should also look into thrift shops as well as pawnshops so that you will have a general idea on how much it is.

When you ask for prices, make sure that you also take note of the carat, the clarity and the color. Remember that not one diamond is the same. Their value is not fixed. It depends on these properties. Clarity refers to the imperfections that reside within the stone, the brilliance of its shine as well as the clearness of the gem.

The Color on the other hand, as the name suggests refer to the color of the diamond. There are diamonds that are very clear while others have a yellow shade. The clearer the color, the more expensive the diamond ring is. The carat is the most known property as it refers to the size and weight of the diamond. When you shop for diamond rings, take into account these things when you compare prices. Some diamond rings may be ultra cheap but the clarity and color may be below average.

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However, now pearls are within reach

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

However, now pearls are within reach of the common people as well, and women are ecstatic about this. Pearls were initially found only naturally but now they are cultured and hence found in many colors also. You can have a variety of colors and shapes in pearls and can make jewelry of your choice. Natural pearls are very rarely found and hence costly.

Pearl’s shape, size and color depend upon the environment in which it is grown. The shape, size and color of the pearl also define the personality of the woman wearing it. Pearl jewelry is for sophistication and graceful appearance and at the same time it is eye catching and attractive also. So a woman wearing a pearl jewelry can define herself along with its combination with her outfit and the manner in which she carries it off.

Men’s rings are rings that are intended to be worn by men; they are usually wider and thicker in size than rings that are for women. One of the popular jewelry pieces for men, men’s rings are considered special gifts that can be presented to dear ones. Usually, men’s rings are simpler in appearance and larger in size compared to women’s rings. These rings are generally made of a single metal, which may be platinum, gold, silver, or titanium. Large amounts of gold and gems are not included in rings. Two-tone rings are also available for men.

The styles and designs of the rings vary as well. The engravings and designs of men’s rings are striking. Signet pieces with engraved initials on the ring face are one of the popular choices among men.

Most of the rings have a single stone at the center. The stone is usually a bold and black onyx stone. Wearing onyx stoned rings is considered a symbol of strength and power in men. A nine or fourteen carat gold ring with a single onyx stone is one of the finest examples of these rings.

Men’s rings also come with a variety of gemstones, which include ruby, emerald, aquamarine, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, garnet, beryl, jade, and coral. People usually prefer rings with their birthstones. Most of the rings designed for men show a unique mingling of beauty and charm.

The price of rings mainly depends on the metal used. Custom made rings are made available by almost all jewelers. The rings can be ordered from online shops as well.

Among the many gems of nature, one of the brightest and most beautiful is the coral. Imagine a sparkling necklace that has come from the coral reefs of the Pacific! And similar to pearls, coral is an organic jewelry material that comes in a variety of colors – from the typical red, to pink, white, blue, brown and black.
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The Kabbalah bracelet is just

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The Kabbalah bracelet is just a red woolen string that Kabbalah believers use to symbolize the red string that was supposed to have been wrapped around Jewish matriarch Rachel’s tomb. There are some who say that the Kabbalah bracelet can prevent evil or the “evil eye” from harming the person wearing the red string.

But since Madonna started her studies of the ancient Jewish philosophy of Kabbalah, many celebrities have seen the kitsch value of wearing Kabbalah bracelets – maybe to show they are “in” and can follow any trend Madonna sees fit to start. Ironically, Madonna once made a song called “Material Girl” where she parodied Marilyn Monroe and where Madonna was seen in the music video wearing expensive jewelry. But that was back in her pre-Kabbalah days, when diamond bracelets probably meant more to her than the simple Kabbalah bracelets.

So does this bode good or evil for those who make diamond bracelets and sell them? Well, at this moment, the answer to that is up in the air. It may depend on how many people follow Madonna’s example and foreswear diamond bracelets in favor of the red string bracelets instead. It may also depend on how much people still want to wear diamond bracelets. It seems hard to believe that the practice of wearing diamond bracelets (which has been around for centuries) will suddenly be thrown out the window because of one pop star’s inclinations though.

There is an interesting aspect to this debate. The so-called “evil eye” is actually a reference to how our eyes look when we are feeling envious or jealous of another person – hence we have “evil eyes” when we have those feelings. That is why Kabbalah believers simply wear a red woolen string around their wrist to show those who are feeling envious and jealous of us that we are not wearing expensive jewelry so they should not feel envious or jealous of us. On the other hand, if you go around sporting diamond bracelets (especially those that look really, really nice) then it is almost certain at some point someone will start to feel envious or jealous of you – hence, you bring on the “evil eye” on yourself.

So if you are one of those who do not want other people to feel angry at you for being more affluent than them, you might want to choose to wear Kabbalah bracelets instead to appease their anger. But if the feelings of other people doesn’t really bother you that much, or not at all, then maybe diamond bracelets are acceptable for you to wear instead.

There is another ironic aspect to the issue – often, the very people who can afford diamond bracelets (like Hollywood celebrities) are the very ones opting to just wear the Kabbalah bracelets. That may mean retailers of diamond bracelets will have to market their wares to more common folk if they are to stay in the black, at least until the craze for Kabbalah bracelets dies down and people start craving diamond bracelets once again.

Pearls are one of the nature’s best gifts to mankind and woman feel proud to wear and show it off. From time immemorial pearl has been considered as the symbol of wealth and prosperity and pearl jewelry has been associated and considered only as part of the rich and famous.

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Art nouveau repousse and art deco

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Art nouveau repousse and art deco filigree play a part as well in this time-honored aesthetic. Big, bold, colorful stones of azure, crimson, cobalt and amber ignite the senses when enveloped in intricate filigree settings. Mass production had no place then or for today’s women of style, they and we know the true art of elegance. Choosing a piece of jewelry to wear for the day or evening was just as integral to the event at hand as the garment to be worn… to afternoon tea, a walk down the boulevard, for a formal dinner and then off to the drawing room to unwind. The intricacy of the jewelry was just as complicated as the layers of lace and the multitude of buttons that ran from the nape of the neck to just past the waist.

It was all worth it. And while those times called for an elaborate dress of the moment, these same fabulous ornate vintage jewelry designs look fantastic paired with the more simple and clean-lined silhouettes of modern fashion. They bring an extra je ne sais quoi to an ensemble, the finishing touch, the piece de resistance that otherwise might leave an uneventful outfit crying for self-expression. Today you can find old world dyes still being reproduced in the most engaging detailed patterns…raised winged butterflies, ladies reclining in the crescent moon, love birds beak to beak, even Victorian skeleton keys find there way into the mix as once useful elements of the past become today’s adornments.

Not just limited to earrings, this antique jewelry style has far reaching effects from bracelets to lariats, brooches to chokers, pendants to rings for every finger even the thumb…not even the glam girls back when were that hip! Finding reworked or new vintage pieces can be tricky, and costs for the real deal can often be cost prohibitive, but not impossible if you know where to look. Many times the attic is a good place to start or Grandma’s jewelry box. If that comes up dry check out local flea markets and small antique shops away from the big cities…they’re already super savvy about what a girl wants these days.

Independent artists are another great source since they take the time to reproduce their own renditions of the look and don’t charge a fortune because they love what they do. Good luck in your search for the past revisited and when you find it and you’re spotted wearing it taking your walk down the boulevard don’t be surprised if you get stopped often and get asked, “Where did you find that great piece of jewelry, I’ve never seen anything like it”? Then you can reply, “I love it too, it’s so totally me”!

It is ironic that when celebrities pick out cheap stuff to accessorize their wardrobe, these inexpensive accessories have the potential to render the more expensive baubles obsolete and maybe even tacky. Case in point – the simple Kabbalah bracelets that pop star Madonna now wears around her wrist to show her faith in the Kabbalah body of thought.
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