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About Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

While freshwater pearl jewelry is most often the least expensive of all the pearl jewelry types, they have some very strong qualities and characteristics that make them unique and valuable

The Origin of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Today, the majority of freshwater pearls are mass produced through pearl farms located in China. Unlike other types of pearls, freshwater pearls derive from mussels which live in freshwater lakes and rivers. Other types of pearls come from mussels which live in sea/salt water.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is probably the most accessible type of pearl jewelry available and maybe the most affordable. Large pearl farms located about 300 miles outside of Shanghai have been producing large quantities of freshwater pearls for decades. However, in recent years, the emphasis of quantity has been switched to the emphasis of quality. This means that only the highest quality shapes, nacre’s, and sizes are selected to create the final pieces of freshwater pearl jewelry sent around the world.

Shapes of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes as well. Most freshwater pearls are oval, button and coin shaped. More often, saltwater pearls come in a more circular shape. Freshwater pearls on the other hand are just slightly off more often than not. However when grouped together with similar shaped pearls, the overall freshwater pearl jewelry still looks just as stunning in the end.

Color of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

You can encounter freshwater pearl jewelry that come in a all colors of the rainbow it seems. Naturally, however, freshwater pearls can usually be found to be white or cream with rose and/or green overtones. You can also find freshwater pearls that are also naturally peach, pink, and even purple. If you come across chocolate freshwater pearls or black freshwater pearls, more than often these have been treated to be this color. However, the pearl itself is most likely still 100% real unless otherwise stated.

The Size of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls range from average sizes to larger than usual. The exact measurements are usually 4mm to 11mm. As we said, in recent times, the production of freshwater pearl jewelry has been put more on quality rather than quantity. So you are going to be finding more and more freshwater pearls that are closer to being identical in size rather than previously.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is probably the most common type of pearl jewelry sold. People are most familiar with these types and you are most likely to see these sold in normal department stores as well as high end jewelry stores. In addition to the 4 characteristics we’ve already mentioned, the strength and durability of the actual pearl is much stronger than other types of pearls. This makes freshwater pearl jewelry long lasting and worth the investment.

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Is Your Knowledge About Best Diamond Jewelry Sufficient?

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

People have and keep all kinds of jewelries, but not the same way they do diamond. The substance is so flawless, it is priceless. Besides just having it to show off, you might just want to be staring at it for a long time. Hey, it’s a diamond… extremely beautiful..

Let’s talk statistics now for a moment, shall we? Think 1.02 kg per sq cm, or 14.7 lb per sq in; think 50 kilobars is 50,000 bars. Now then, think about the diamond, formed from this process. How much do you expect the stone to cost? A lot, naturally, if you can pay it.

Where the diamond is found, there are all kinds of stones and rocks that are totally worthless. Whereas the diamond dwells among them and shines still. And so it is in every facet of life. It remains beautiful through all the imperfections of the world around it.

Put on a diamond, especially around yourself, and people cease to see you; what they see now is the flawless stone that dangles from you. Then all of a sudden you are the most beautiful person that the world knows. All because of a stone around your neck. Yes, diamond jewelries have the ability to do that to you.

The temperatures in the bowels of the earth are immense. It is what melts some metals, but it is also what creates diamonds. Who would believe it, seeing them, that diamonds come from nothing besides decayed matter from eons ago? But that is the irony of life, isn’t it?

The flowing veins of rock that erupt from the innards of the earth in volcanic actions act as carriers of diamonds and other rock fragments. Although they harden immediately, you can still break them up and access the diamonds you seek, beautiful and priceless as they are. No other jewel matches their perfection.

Valued as a precious stone, diamond is perhaps the most expensive gem that ever walked the planet. A lot of people would give a lot of their lives just to have a diamond jewelry, not to mention how they would react to having a diamond necklace.

There is absolutely no way to achieve the conditions required to create diamond the way nature does. Those immense pressures and temperatures occur only deep in the bowels of the earth, creating the perfection that emerges. And that beauty is what the whole world desires in those priceless jewels.

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The Tennis Bracelet

Monday, December 8th, 2008

More notably, the incident also gave the bracelet the popularity boost it had been looking for. Today many tennis stars wear the tennis bracelet, albeit with a more secure clasp than the one that Evert was wearing. But the fashion statement now extends far beyond the court, to the point where many wearers have no idea where the term originated.

Finding the Right Tennis Bracelet

The normal tennis bracelet has but a pattern of stones fitted into it. Tennis bracelets seldom have pendants like charm bracelets do. Like any other form of jewelry, their value varies quite dramatically, depending on what designer has created it. Clearly, there’s a difference between Evert’s diamond bracelet and the bargain cubic zirconia version.

Make sure that you find a bracelet with a secure safety latch, clearly the most dramatic improvement in the jewelry. That latch can get worn and used over time; so many jewelers make a specialty of fixing it. However, newer bracelets come with a safety strap that holds the bracelet together in case the latch does fail

Finding the right tennis bracelet can be a challenge, however. Wear it too tightly, and the bracelet rubs against the skin. Furthermore, a bracelet that’s too tight can stretch out and break like Evert’s did. But wear it too loosely, and the bracelet can catch on something or else fall off entirely. The ideal tennis bracelet should be loose enough that you can fit your finger in between the arm and the bracelet.

Remember, this isn’t supposed to fit like a normal bracelet. And its thin form means that finding an improper fit can lead to disaster. Most bracelets are bought to mark special occasions. But their elegant design might be better suited for formal occasions rather than day-to-day situations.

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The Earrings in Ancient World

Monday, December 1st, 2008

It was found that the earrings were the favorite ornaments for everybody in ancient time, including women and men. In Egyptian graves, people found many female ornaments. The earrings of them had various kinds, including the dangling, hoop and circle styles.

Many delicate earrings was found in Ethiopia, where most of women used ornaments were the circular earrings in corals, metals and stones. The different valuable earrings were the necessary ornaments of the luxurious dresses. The far and near famous Phoenician were considered the best masters of the jewelry in ancient world. They created and left large of rings and earrings which were inserted carved stones in different styles.

Many centuries ago, some pristine races had a stronger demand of the ornaments like earrings and necklaces than the clothes. In their minds, the ornaments had an important function as the symbolic articles and ceremony appliances. They thought the ornaments as a magic tool that can make the common people become the superman with magic energy.

It was a very painful course to do the rite of passage for the teenage. They were needed to change some parts of their bodies, including cut or prick on noses, lips and ears. In the African adult ceremony and Indian sacrifice ceremony, they all considered the prick on the body as a kind of symbol.

In last seventy century, the English punk began to do the prick operation which was the most difficult thing at that time. It was very popular to pierce on ear, face, lip and brow to insert the earrings in. Put the earrings in the nose was the popular way in India and north Africa. It was not only the earrings used, but also the nail, stick, jewelry with diamond and so on.

There were still some special ornaments used widely like plug, wood stick and so on. They were still popular in many present pristine races. The prick in the brow, inserting the ring when they wound healed over, were invented not long ago. The popular wear now is the prick in the navel of modern girls, especially in the models and stars when they wear the short clothes to show the navel out. It is a half circle or whole circle in animal patterns or Chinese Zodiacs or other ornaments to protrude.

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