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CNW Pearl Ltd, fine wholesale pearl jewelry exportor mainly supply you high quality freshwater pearl jewelry wholesale with fancy design pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl earrings, pearl pendant, pearl ring and wish pearl. Also wholesale coral jewelry, turquoise jewelry, shell jewelry, shell pearl and so on.

About Us

Cnwpearl ,an online pearl jewelry store, is the aisles of the world’s most fabulous store.  As a search engine devoted to fashion, ShopStyle brings together the most fashionable stores and the best brands allowing users to cross-shop thousands of apparel – all in one place. Cnwpearl web is in line of pearl necklace, cultured pearl pendant, mabe pearls, diamond engagement rings, sterling silver jewelry, men and women jewelry. We seek to provide our customers with a wide selection of cultured pearl jewelry. We select our cultured pearls and pearl jewelry from the finest sources in our farms with the goal of providing our customers with uncommonly beautiful pearl jewelry at an uncommonly good value.Our aim is to provide beautifull design and unique pieces that reflect and enhance the exotic nature of pearls themselves. One of the ways we can offer our customers the superior value we do, is through innovative marketing strategies.

In any case ,our objective is to offer our customers fresh new designs at affordable prices and at a quality level that we are happy to stand behind. To that end, it is our mission to offer only the finest quality jewelry at every price point. Quality of design, quality of craftsmanship, and quality of materials combine to ensure that every Bella True selection is an ideal fit.

The most competitive prices you’ll ever find online or offline.Considering that we have our own pearl farms,which gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors where we are able to produce jewelry in the highest quality at a lower cost.Also we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in pearls that assures you great value for your money spent. The principle of Cnepearl web insists that fine jewelry is an important part of both your life and legacy. It should complement your taste and lifestyle and possess intrinsic, lasting value. Important jewelry becomes heirlooms to pass down for generations—each with its own sentiment and story.

Service first, customer first. web provides you a professional foreign trade,a good communication of English, good quality products, competitive price, convenient payments and safe and on-time parcel delivery.

Now treat yourself to a refreshing color palette of dazzling jewelry in exotic patterns of bright pearl jewelry and sterling silver jewelry. Now is the time for you to try out new styles and dare to dream big. Celebrate and shine with the energy of a refreshed, more beautiful and handsome you.

With the rapid growth of jewelry fashion, we expand and design new style products of pearl necklace, cultured pearl pendant, mabe pearls, diamond engagement rings, sterling silver jewelry, men and women jewelry.