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To fully understand the concept, you can

To fully understand the concept, you can try this out: on a bright day, get into a very dark room (you can obtain the darkness by covering the window with an opaque, but thin material). Make a pinhole in the item that covers the window. If the hole is small enough, on the opposite wall you will see the world outside the window, in full color and motion and turned upside down. Your room is now a camera obscura.

Let’s see what is the principle of the camera obscura .When the rays reflected from the bright objects outside (this is why you need to make the experiment on a bright day) pass through the pinhole they do not scatter. Instead, they cross and reform as an upside down image on the opposite wall, or on any flat surface held parallel to the hole.

The principles of the camera obscura have been known since antiquity. Its earliest mention was by the Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti in the 5th century BC. His experiment was similar to the one described above. He called the darkened room the “locked treasure room”. Aristotle (3rd century BC) also understood the principle of the camera obscura. It has been claimed that the Islamic scientist Abu Ali Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haitham (also known as Al-Hazen) is the one who actually discovered it while carrying out some experiments in optics, in the early 11th century, Egypt.

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