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Turquoise can range from grey to green

Turquoise can range from grey to green to blue and yellows, often veined by the brown matrix with varying textures, and is only found in dry, barren regions. As a far back as 6000 years ago, this stone is one of the oldest to be used by man, for both jewelry and ornamental purposes. Around 5500 BC, the ancient Egyptians found turquoise in the Sinai Peninsula. Around 1900, Queen Zer’s tomb was unearthed and she was found wearing a turquoise and gold bracelet around her wrist.

Turquoise is said to bring luck and fortune to the wearer, and a feeling of calmness with its cool color tones, in addition to wisdom, and is often popular in Southwest, Native American, and Egyptian jewelry designs.

Turquoise gemstones look best as parts of formal evening jewelry when paired with black onyx, pearls or sterling silver. More casual combinations include softer contrasts with black pearls, carnelian and ruby. To see a selection of handmade artisan jewelry featuring turquoise, visit is typically considered a sophisticated gemstone that works well with any outfit. In earrings, citrine works well to enhance the luster of hazel eyes.

Chinese Turquoise comes in both green and blue colors, with many subtle color variations throughout the stone, and has spider web (matrix) veining. There are four to five regions in China where they are mined. The Ma’ashan turquoise mine is located near Shanghai, in addition to the Hubei Province, just to name a few.

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